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Everything is Better with a Fried Egg on Top (especially this Chicken and Bean Tostada…)

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Is everything really better with an egg on top?  I think it just might be.  (Well, almost everything, anyway.) This Chicken, Bean and Avocado Tostada is no exception…

We’ve always eaten a lot of eggs around our house, though I have really only gotten brave enough to serve them sunny-side-up since I discovered Safest Choice Eggs®.  (Safest Choice Eggs® are pasteurized in the shell, so the risk of salmonella is eliminated.)  I can always tell the difference between my safe eggs and regular eggs by the cute little red P stamped on the shell.

When I was growing up, whenever we visited my Granny’s house, she always made us pancakes for breakfast with a sunny side up egg on top.  It was so good!

So far, I’ve featured a cowboy hash and a warm spinach salad with a fried egg, and today it is a Tostada
with avocado, beans and chicken.  The cream, runny yolk just helps pull all the flavors together.  I promise, almost anything topped with a sunny-side-up egg will to taste creamier and so much yummier!  You definitely need to give it a try.  (Here is a coupon in case you want to use the Safe Eggs when serving a sunny-side-up egg to your family.)

I’m a tiny bit picky when it comes to fried eggs.  The white part of the egg must be completely cooked! (Uncooked whites gives me the heebie-jeebies.)

My trick to a perfectly cooked sunny-side-up egg is to coat a pan with oil or butter, then heat the pan over low heat for a minute or two.  Add the egg to the pan, careful not to break the yolk. (Some people recommend cracking the egg into a small bowl and then pouring into the pan, but I don’t like getting another dish dirty…)  Then I cover the pan and cook the egg for several minutes, over low heat, checking frequently for the exact moment the whites are done.

Avocado, chicken and bean tostada w/ fried egg on top

Tacos, quesadillas and tostadas make frequent appearances at our house.  They are an excellent way to use up leftovers.  Leftovers is exactly what I used on these tostadas.  You can use just about anything you have on hand: beef, chicken or pork, beans of any type, corn, peppers, sauteed onions, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado or guacamole, any type of salsa and or cheese.  And of course, to tie it all together, a sunny-side-up egg.

To make this version of an Avocado, Chicken and Bean Tostada w/ a fried egg, you will need:


  • Tostada Shells
  • Re-fried beans
  • Black beans
  • Diced or shredded pre-cooked chicken
  • Taco Seasoning
  • Diced avocado
  • Shredded cheese
  • Tomatoes 
  • Sunny-side up egg


Mix the diced chicken with desired amount of taco seasoning and then layer the ingredient onto the tostada shell in the order listed.

Chicken, bean, avocado tostada with fried egg on top

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( I’m a brand ambassador for Davidson’s Safest Choice® and a member of their Darling Dozen. This post is sponsored but all opinions are 100% my own- I love these eggs and used them even before I was lucky enough to partner with them!)

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    Huevos rancheros are a must at my house! I'll try this next, but I know my family will love this tostada. Thanks for sharing.

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