My First (completed) Crochet Project!

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Easy Scarflette and hat crochet project for beginners. (perfect first crochet project)

Crocheted Scarflette and Beanie: a super easy project for beginners.

I’ve been seeing a lot of crochet projects lately.  I’m not sure if it’s the time of the year or of crochet is becoming popular again…  Whatever the reason, I’ve been inspired to give it a try.

My Granny was a crocheter and my mom, siblings and I all have a few of her blankets.  She tried to teach me when I was younger. (5th grade maybe?)  Though all I managed was a half-finished doll blanket.  Pretty much all that stuck with me was how to make a loop knot and chain stitch.

I picked up a little how-to pamphlet, crochet hook and some gorgeous, unbelievably soft, chunky chenille yarn on one of my last trips to the craft store.  I was having trouble with the book, so I started looking around on the internet for how-to videos and stumbled across a few crochet classes on Craftsy (now Bluprint).  They happened to be having a sale, so I went ahead and bought the Crochet for beginners’ course and got to work.

I was having trouble figuring out which loops I was supposed to be putting the hook through after the 1st and second row and how to keep my edges even.  The craftsy class really helped with this!

The little scarflette was a super simple project to start with as it is just a few rows of regular, single crochet.  

I use a size 11 hook and did 42 single crochets for seven single crochet rows and then attached the button with a bit more yarn.  I loved working with this thick and chunky yarn.  It’s so soft and makes the project go very quickly. (this is the one I used)

easy crochet project

The hat was made with double crochet and I used this tutorial for the pattern.

So cute!  She loves them, and I can’t wait to make more of these hats for everyone!

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  1. Turned out so cute! What a great job; you look like a natural!

  2. Helen's Decor says:

    How adorable…the darling girl and her hat, too.

    Thanks for sharing it, Helen

  3. They look great! I've tried to learn crochet the last two years by taking classes at Joann's Craft Store, but it just wouldn't stick with me. You've inspired me to try again- thanks!!

  4. Jenya @ While she was sleeping says:

    Well done! I think my last attempt at crocheting was in 5th grade, too!

  5. CREATIVE MIND says:

    Awesome 🙂 I notice this at Instagram too 🙂

  6. Shirley Ann says:

    Thanks! I just signed up for this crochet class. I can crochet, but I'm still not getting something right; I hope this helps. After looking at hats this weekend, there is just no way I want to pay the price for them, so I want to continue to improve my crochet skills and make them for my family!