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Easy Fabric Flowers (from old flowers)

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How many of you have some of these laying around:

Or maybe an old bunch of flowers?

Here is an easy way to recycle your old flowers in to fun new accessories! (find out how to make these flowers after the jump!)

Easy Fabric Flower Tutorial (from old flowers)

Items needed:

  • Old flowers
  • Threaded needle
  • Felt
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors


Take the old flowers apart and start with 5 flower petals.  (You made need more or less depending on how you want the finished flower to look and how big the petals are.)

Fold the first petal in half and in half again.

 Add a small stitch to the bottom to keep the petal folded.

Fold the next petal the same way.  Run a stitch through the bottom and tighten it up next to the 1st petal.  Keep going until your new flower has the desired fullnes.  (5 petals worked for me.)
Squeeze the bottom of all the petals together and add another stitch or tow to keep the petals in place.

 Cut a circle of felt, about penny size, and add a generous amount of hot glue.

 Press the flower into the glue.

That is it!  Think of all the places you could use these flowers!

Hair clips, headbands, jewelry, accessories!

To make the hair clip, just cut a 2nd piece of felt and glue the clip in between the two pieces of felt.

Here is one from a pink flower:

And from a rose:

The last two flowers had a few different sized petals, so for extra poufy-ness, I hot glued a bunched up, small petal to the center.

Have fun!

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