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Pattern Update: Long Sleeve Peasant Dress

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Pattern update: Long Sleeve Peasant Dress Pattern

Good news!  I’ve updated my free peasant dress pattern and have added long sleeves!  You now have the option to make a short sleeve or long sleeve peasant dress.  There is also a flutter sleeve option, that is an add-on piece found here: Flutter Sleeve.

Long Sleeve Peasant Dress Pattern for girls. (free swwing pattern, sz 12 months to 10 yr.

Do you have any sewing projects lined up for fall?  I woke up this morning to temperatures in the 50’s (though it will be back in the 80’s by afternoon) and have a new shipment of fabric to play with.  I’m itching to do a little sewing and what’s better than a long sleeve peasant dress!

(Looking for more free patterns? Be sure to check out my free patterns and tutorials page here.)

One of my favorite patterns (and most popular) has been my free peasant dress pattern.  You just can’t go wrong with the simplicity of the design and the quick and easy construction.  I’ve made so many versions of this pattern: 3/4 sleeve, flutter sleeve, tiered, split neck, and even a cardigan.  (and this sweet long sleeve top.)

I love to sew, but I also love to shop and I’ve seen peasant dresses at all my favorite children’s stores this year.  No way am I going to buy a peasant dress when I can whip one out in just a few short hours! 

Free Long Sleeve Peasant Dress Pattern, the printable pdf pattern is available in sizes 12 month to 10 yr.

I originally planned to just do a tutorial and show you how to make the long sleeve, but I figured, what the heck, I’ll just make the pattern and include it in the post. And that is why you have not seen a sewing post from me for two weeks.  

I am the worst. procrastinator. ever!  

I did the photos a while back, and she wore the outfit to school last week, but the process of drafting the pattern is very tedious, and I found so many other things to do, lol. BTW, she loves the outfit and especially these boots!  (They came from Gymboree.)  She looks so adorable in them, I think I might need to make some other pieces to just go with the boots!

Free Long Sleeve Peasant Dress Pattern, the printable pdf pattern is available in sizes 12 month to 10 yr.

An important thing to remember about long sleeves on a peasant dress…  Depending on how tight/high you bring up the top of the dress with the elastic, it will change the length of the sleeves and how tight the dress is under the arms.- So keep that in mind when sewing…

When you make the long sleeve version, the sleeves sew up just like short sleeves, and you can finish the edges with elastic, a regular quarter-inch hem (where you fold 1/4 inch, press, fold another 1/4 inch, press, and sew.), or with the quarter-inch hem and shirring.  It’s cute all ways.

The long sleeve pattern comes in a regular (fuller) style and the narrower version you see on this dress. (I only recommend the narrower version when you are using stretch/knit fabric.) I’ve already sewn a tunic-length version with full sleeves and elastic in the hem. It’s really cute, too. I’ll be posting that one next week.

You will need an additional 1/4 to 1/2 yard of fabric to have enough for long sleeves  (Don’t print from here, you need to get the full-size pattern from this post.)

Long Sleeve Peasant Dress Pattern

*Another update…  This pattern now goes up to size 10.

I am adding the long sleeve pattern link to the original Peasant Dress tutorial, so you will always be able to find it here==>> Peasant Dress tutorial.

Free long sleeve peasant dress pattern

If you make a long sleeve version, please come back and share your pictures on my facebook page, tag me on instagram or add to my flickr group.  I love seeing what you’ve made and get so much satisfaction every time I see your creations!

My favorite fabric shop for knits:  Funkalicious Fabrics.

 Free Long Sleeve Peasant Dress Pattern in sizes 12/18 mo to 10.

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  1. Jeannie Fekri says:

    I am wanting to make this long sleeve I have used your patterns in the past and loved them but on this long sleeve dress I am wanting to add elastic to the middle of the sleeve and then have a bell look for the bottom half of the sleeve if that makes sense to you! I am at a lose on how to archive this!

    1. There are 2 ways you can do this. 1) use elastic thred and shirr instead of regular elastic. Or 2) sew a piece of bias tape to the inside of the sleeve, leave an opening and insert the elastic. (Then sew the elastic together and close the opening like you do around the neck line.

  2. Jeannie Fekri says:

    I am wanting to make this long sleeve I have used your patterns in the past and loved them but on this long sleeve dress I am wanting to add elastic to the middle of the sleeve and then have a bell look for the bottom half of the sleeve if that makes sense to you! I am at a lose on how to archive this!

    1. It's there, keep looking…

  3. Katie Glover says:

    I just came to print the short sleeve pattern again as little bit has grown and was just going to wing it on the long sleeves. This so great to see!

  4. That should say largest size…

  5. SweetAbbs says:

    So I just made three of these for my 3 daughters – 12/18 mo, size 4 and size 7. I'm dying over the simplicity of making it and the cuteness when it's done! However, for some reason the armpits are too tight on the size 7. She's 6 so I made one size up for length but I'm wondering how I would go about adjusting so the armpits aren't so small. It's the bottom of the armpit coming up too high so I think I need to lengthen the long part of the J but I'm not sure how that would affect the rest of the pattern. Can you help? Thanks! Love this dress and thank you for the pattern.

    1. Yes, I have noticed in the latest size, you can't adjust the neck very high without making the armpits too tight. Add 1 to 1 1/4 inch to the top of the pattern. You can see a demonstration of this on my modern peasant tutorial here:https://www.scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com/2013/04/Modernpeasantdress.html

      I appreciate the feed back as it helps ensure the best fit for all sizes. I will add the information to the tutorial and update the pattern as asap.
      ~ Jamie

  6. SweetAbbs says:

    Can you tell me what seam allowance you use when sewing the sleeves on? Thanks!

    1. Hi, use 1/4 inch.
      Good luck!

    2. SweetAbbs says:

      Was that your seam allowance throughout Jamie?

  7. A beautiful dress and a pattern I will definitely be making. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  8. hi
    I need your advise.
    I have a lot of Georgette cloth in different prints. Can you guide me which of your projects I can apply on that for my 7 years (look as 10) old girl . reply soon 🙂

    1. Hi I am not sure what Georgette cloth is, Is it very sheer fabric?

  9. Bright and Beautiful Life says:

    This dress is so cute, colorful, and feminine for your little girl. Where did you buy that lovely fabric? I'm thinking I'd like to make a small version for my little granddaughter. Would you be willing to share this post and any of your other great ones at our Making Monday link party? We would love it and think our readers will, too. Thanks. Have a fantastic day. http://www.abrightandbeautifullife.com/making-monday-12/

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

  10. Marvelous Mommy says:

    This is sooo cute! I love the colors of your fabric! I pinned it for later!

  11. Jenya @ While she was sleeping says:

    The dress is gorgeous. The colours are so vibrant, they suit you gorgsous model very well. I would be showing off those boots too if I had a pair like that 😉

  12. Great dress! I'm working on upcycling some old clothes into outfits for my daughter and was just thinking I should do a peasant dress! Thanks!
    Over The Apple Tree

  13. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says:

    Gorgeous dress and she is just adorable. I would love to have you link up to my Inspire Me party that goes live on Monday at 2:30 PT. http://www.astrollthrulife.net Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  14. that dress is adorable

  15. srpprcrftr says:

    Gorgeous fabric and boots, noticed those right away. They're pretty stylish and your daughter looks very pretty in her new dress and boots. I'll look forward to seeing what else you make to go with the boots. Happy weekend

  16. SweetAbbs says:

    The timing of this is awesome. My friend just asked me for help making a long-sleeved peasant dress for her daughter. Your tutorial will be a lifesaver. Thank you.