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Red White and Blue Tie Dyed Napkins

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I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a Tie Dye project for some time now…  Not quite sure what’s been holding me back, I guess I thought it would be messy or difficult to do.  (Turns out I was wrong- this project was super easy with very little clean up!)

These simple red, white and blue, Tie Dye Napkins will dress up any patriotic themed table!  (Just use any premade napkin and you can tie dye them your self in minutes!)

I was on a trip a couple of months ago and was given this little mini One-Step Tie Dye Kit from Tulip.  Let me tell you, this project so easy!

Just to test it out, I made these patriotic napkins while my kids were still in school, but I can’t wait to do another tie dye project with them- they will love it!

red, white and blue crafts

For this project,  I used white premade napkins/bandanas from Hobby Lobby.  (They sell the Tulip Tie Dye Kits there too.)  And it was as easy as:

1.  Wetting the fabric (in the washing machine) and adding rubber bands.

2.  Applying the color with the plastic squeeze bottle. (The tie dye color comes already loaded in the plastic bottle, you just add water and shake.)

3.  Wrapping the dyed fabric in plastic wrap and letting sit overnight.

4.  And if you remember to put a paper towel down to catch the excess dye, this is your clean up!

5.  Rinse and dry!  These will be perfect for our 4th of July picnic!

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  1. Don't throw away your paper towels! They will also make a great addition to another craft project, or to a mixed media project. I always save my water color blotters, also paper towels, and the addition is beautiful!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies