Give Dad What he Really Wants for Father’s Day (or any day…)

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Today I want to share with you this awesome new service I discovered, called Task Easy.  Task Easy makes it simple for property owners to get lawn care, snow clearing and holiday lighting tasks with just a few clicks using their online tools or the app on your smartphone.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and every year I stress about what gift to give my husband.  I usually have the kids give him a little something they’ve made, but I like giving gifts that are something the recipient really wants or would use.  I know Father’s Day gifts don’t need to be over the top-fabulous, but I usually try to put a bit of thought into the presents I give.  (Especially since I can’t afford the stuff he really wants- like movie projectors or fancy golf carts.)

My hubby works so hard during the day, then after he gets home from work, he usually has to spend a few more hours in his office.  On top of that, he has to keep up with the yard work and home maintenance and still make time for us.

What Dad, (or any guy in your life…) would not love the gift of someone else keeping up with the yard maintenance?  Especially during the hottest months of the summer.  We have a large yard to maintain, so someone else doing the work means he gains several hours during the weekend.  (This means more trips to the pool, movies or any other fun family activity!)

If you have a mayard (any size) that needs to be mowed, you will love Task Easy too!  Task Easy makes finding a local lawn service to complete your yard maintenance as easy as a couple of clicks.

I can remember one of the last times I tried to find someone to mow our yard, I had to drive around the neighborhood looking for a lawn service truck and to come and give me a price and find out if they could squeeze us in…

Task Easy really made it simple to order lawn service.  What I  loved most was the software they use to calculate your cost.  The software uses google earth and allows you to map out your lawn for a true square footage estimate.  We do have a large yard and the price was right in line with what we have paid before…
I created an account, ordered the service on Friday, had a quick phone call from the folks at Task Easy to go over everything and then had someone moving the lawn on Monday.  After the service was complete, I received an email asking if I was satisfied with my service and for me to approve payment.  It could not have been easier!  (The only way it could be better is if they added house cleaning to their offered services!)

Any time I need to make a change to my service, I just log in from my pc or the app on my smart phone and can quickly make any updates or changes needed.

So, if you are still searching for that perfect gift, I highly recommend Task Easy!

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*** Disclosure***
I received a free lawn service from Task Easy to test them out.  The opinions expressed above are 100% my own and would never embarrass myself by recommending something I didn’t love of think was great.

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