How to Decorate Treats for the Perfect Tea Party Play Date

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I’m sharing these adorably decorated cupcakes and other goodies with you today- they’re perfect for a Tea Party Playdate or just a fun afternoon in the kitchen!  

Tea Party Playdate Ideas (decorated with the Chocolate Pen)

Thank you to the Chocolate Pen for partnering with me to bring you this post

My little Missy may not want to wear pink head to toe anymore, but she still loves girly stuff- especially kittens, flowers, cupcakes, anything with glitter and dressing up.

What better way to celebrate all things girly, than with a Tea Party Playdate with your best friend?  

Dressing up in your prettiest outfit or princess dress and having delicious treats at a fancy table decorated with flowers, ruffles and beautifully decorated cupcakes and goodies is the best!

I received the Chocolate Pen from Skyrocket Toys in the mail was just as excited to try it out as my Missy was! 

Iknow my girl and I knew she would love playing with the Chocolate Pen and decorating all sorts of goodies.

I suggested we invite Nana over for a Tea Party themed get together and we could use the Pen to decorate all the treats.  

She loved the idea and was in full on planning mode!

What’s great about the Chocolate Pen is that it’s so easy for kids to handle! 

The warmed (not hot) chocolate flows right out of the pen, with a press of the button and hardly any mess.  (It helps to watch this video for tips on loading the pen with chocolate on your first try.)  

The kit contains 1/2 a pound of real chocolate to get you started, but you will definitely want to grab a few chocolate refills since you will go through that first bag pretty quick while trying to get the hang of the pen.

First we decorated the cupcakes by free-hand drawing hearts, flowers and short words.

I did the words and it definitely took some practice to get them to look good, but the good thing is that all that practice definitely tasted yummy!

Tea Party Playdate Ideas

We decorated Rice Krispie treats and cookies.  (The cookies are on the lollipop sticks- so adorable!.)

Tea Party Playdate Ideas (decorated with the Chocolate Pen)

We used the molds to make cute shapes. (The kit comes with 50 molds.)  The writing did take a couple of tries to get the hang of, but the mold are so easy, perfect for even a very small child!

We even made heart shaped jam sandwiches!

Tea Party foods

The Chocolate Pen is available at Walmart, Amazon, Toys r Us and Target.  (And don’t forget the chocolate refills!)

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  1. Rose Santuci-Sofranko says:

    It's chocolate! What is not to love…y.u.m.! Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist @

  2. Cheri, the Quilting Nanny says:

    I love it cause I have 3 grand daughters that would be thrilled to death to be able to write with CHOCOLATE!!! What a cool idea! A great "thing to do " Christmas day!!!!

  3. Brenda Silvertooth says:

    This would be perfect for decorating cupcakes and tarts for any event. I tried to make turkey cupcakes by piping chocolate in a bag. Talk about a fail.

  4. My daughter and I would have a lot of fun with this pen!

  5. My daughter would go crazy for this!

  6. My grandaughter wants this for Christmas! She loves to cook. She is 11.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I love the idea of the writing! I love to write in cursive a lot, and this would be perfect for that!

  8. I've never seen this before, it looks like so much fun. All the grandkids would have to wait in line!!!! thank you

  9. What a great product! Hope I win!

  10. This would make decorating with chocolate so much easier. How fun to be able to play with your food 🙂

  11. I love the chocolate pen because it looks like it would make decorating Christmas cookies fun.

  12. I would really need to brush up on my penmanship to use this. LOL.

  13. drswirlycrocker says:

    sweet product looks like fun

  14. So much fun to be had with this. My grandkids & I would be in chocolate heaven

  15. Looks like fun. My grandkids & I would have a great time with this

  16. michele376 says:

    I love all the unique things you can do with it.

  17. Pixie Cat says:

    It looks a lot easier to write with than a tube of icing. I think it would be a lot of fun.

  18. Alex Robertson says:

    I would love to win to play with my younger sister over the holidays. We love chocolate.