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Flower Cuff Bracelet and Tutorial

I love to  browse the Gymboree website for inspiration. (Among many others of course...)  A few months ago, I came across the most darling bracelet for $9.  It was super cute and I might have paid $2.99 for it had I been in the store, but not $9.  (I guess there were plenty out there willing to spend the $9, because the bracelets are out of stock...)

I finally got one made!  The bracelet is really easy to make.  I took pictures along the way so I could create a tutorial on how to make a Flower Cuff Bracelet and share it with my readers.

Materials needed to make a Flower Cuff Bracelet

  • Scrap fabric (depending on who it is for, you might need a piece up to 26+ inches.)
  • Felt
  • Clasp for the bracelet (If the bracelet is for an adult, you could use a piece of ribbon.)
  • Something to stuff into the bracelet. Ex: beads, marbles, pom poms (I used pom poms.)
  • Something for the top of the flower.  Ex: buttons, another flower, felt applique or other decorative item.
  • Needle, thread, scissors, ruler, glue


Step 1:  Make the flower.

Cut five 3 inch squares of  fabric. (If you are making a bracelet for someone smaller than 5 yrs old, try cutting your squares to 2.5 inches.)

Fold your fabric in half on the diagonal and stitch a running stitch along the raw edges.

Gather up the fabric of the first square to make a petal.  Grab the 2nd square and without cutting the thread, stitch it the same way.  (With the with the same thread.)

Repeat until you have five petals.  Gather them as tightly as you can and tie off the thread.  (I should have gathered might tighter for this photo, oh well...)

Stitch the 1st and fifth petal together and tie off to make a circle/flower.

Cut a circle of felt slightly larger than the middle of the flower.

Either glue or stitch the flower to the felt.  (I used got glue and just ran a line of glue around the blue circle and pressed the felt securely into the glue.)

You can cover the hole in the middle of the flower with a variety of decorative items.  (I used a fabric covered button.)

Glue or sew your middle piece to the felt.

Step 2:  Make the Bracelet

Measure your wrist and multiply that measurement by 3.  If you are using a round object 5/8 inch diameter or less, cut your fabric 1 3/4 inches wide by your wrist measurement times 3.  Anything bigger than that, just experiment with the width needed.

Fold the fabric strip right sides together and sew a straight stitch 1/4 inch from the edge to create a tube.  Turn the fabric tube right side out.

Tie a secure tight knot 1 inch from the edge.

Stuff your round object into the fabric tube.

I just used a marker to push my pom pom to the end...

Tie another knot right up against your round object.

Keep going until your bracelet is the approximate length you want.

Fold in the edges and make one or two stitches to hold it in to place.

Then insert your clasp and sew it in to the edge fold as you continue to sew the end closed.

All that is left is to sew the flower to the bracelet and you are done!

I made this bracelet to match a dress that I have nearly finished.  They will be so cute together!

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  1. That is very cute..I bet my granddaughter would love it!

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