Birthday Party

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Warning…  lots of pictures!

Wow…  What a busy week!  I’ve spent the last four days deep cleaning the house, shopping and prepping for my son’s birthday party we had this weekend.

It was a ton of work and every year I say this is the last “home” party we are having!  For just a few dollars more, we could go to the bounce house down the street or to chuck e cheese.

But, I realize, when the party is over and everyone is gone, it really was a great party!  I am truly thankful to the parents who take time out of their busy weekends and bring their kids over to help make it a great celebration!  (There was hardly any crying, in fact I think the only crying that took place came from my own children.)

Everything was clean and decorated so pretty.  We also got very lucky with the weather.  Our daily temps had been in the 90’s for the past few weeks, but we had a mild cool front on Friday, so the weather was bright and sunny with temps in the 70’s.

I scheduled the party for lunch time so I could take advantage of our shaded covered porch.  It gets too sunny and hot out there past 2:30ish, so I wanted to be done by then.  Since it was lunch time, I served simple fruit and veggie trays along with chips, pretzels and dips while we waited for the pizzas to arrive.  I debated on  what to serve for lunch, but I finally decided on Little Caesar’s Pizza.  (We got 8 pizzas for $5 dollars each, with no additional work for me, so that won me over.)

I am disappointed I didn’t get more pictures of how everything looked, but I was running around, getting stuff done until 15 minutes after the party started!

My Bandana tablecloths

We had lots of games and time for fun..

Including an egg race!

This was so much fun!  They raced a few more times after the initial race and
I had little prizes for everyone who participated in the race.

After the egg race, we had a pizza lunch and then Transformer Cupcakes!

I made these Transformer cupcake toppers using an image I found on the
internet, scrapbooking paper, punches, Modge Podge and popsicle sticks.

Then, present opening time!

The last activity was the hit of the party…  Pinata time!

We started with a soft bat to
make sure everyone got a turn.

Then we moved on to a metal bat.

We had some power hitters!

Great action shot of a lollipop getting smashed!


It was a great party!  Maybe we will do it again next year…

I will be linking up to some of the fabulous linky parties listed here!

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  1. My son requested transformer cupcakes for hiss birthday, after a few small heart attacks I did a little search and found your great ideas. Looks like it was a wonderful party and my son is sitting here with lots of wow's!!

  2. ❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀ says:

    What a great looking party! The cupcakes are so cute.


  3. How luck you were to get such great weather! I really love the bandana tablecloths. What a great idea.