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Brownie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Have you guys seen the Stuffed Cookie Recipes over at the Picky Palate?  I’ve been drooling over her cookie photos ever since I stumbled across them a few months ago.

So decadent! So delicious! (and so incredibly easy! See my shortcut for these brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies!

Unfortunately, I have a tiny little “issue” with self control, (I can’t stop at just one!) so I try not to keep too many sweets around the house.  I am also slightly obsessive, and have not been able to stop thinking about the Brownie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I finally broke down and decided to make them!

Now, I love to cook and bake, but I dislike the mess and cleaning that goes along with big recipes.  (Confession: I NEVER make from scratch chocolate chip cookies- why bother when the Toll House refrigerated dough is so good!) So I thought I would test out a shortcut and see how the cookies would turn out.  This is the method I used:

I used the big roll of Nestle Chocolate Cookie dough and my favorite brand of the Petite Brownie Bites.  (Our Randall’s/Safeway carries this brand, I have tried a few and theirs are by far the best.)

After a little experimenting, I discovered the dough was easiest to work with after I let it sit out out for about 20 minutes.

I trimmed the Brownies down a little to shape them into more of a square.  Then I sliced two pieces of cookie dough off the roll and sandwiched them around the brownie, so they looked like this:

Caution:  They will be huge!  If you see any brownie peeking through, just pinch a piece of the dough off the roll and squish it on to the cookie.

Bake them at 350 degrees for 18 to 22 minutes on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  (This will help keep them from spreading too much.)  You will probably get about 10 to 12 cookies out of this, but they are huge!  You won’t be able to eat more than one at a time.

brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies


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  1. MommyDigger.com says:

    These look so good!

    I'm a new follower from the Alexa hop 🙂 Would love it if you could stop by my blog http://www.mommydigger.com and follow me 🙂

  2. Joy @ Joy Of Desserts says:

    I clicked over from Savory Sunday. I like this idea of combining two American classics together. This will be a crowd pleaser for sure.

  3. goldfishpollywog says:

    Wow! I think I've found my new potluck go-to!

  4. The Polka Dot Closet says:

    Oh I bet I could eat 2 LOL! Wow, I am so glad I stopped, this is my kind of baking!!