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Easy Summer Peplum Tee (free t-shirt pattern 3 to 12)

I’ve got a great new sewing project for you today!  This easy Peplum Tee is perfect for summer and the free T-shirt pattern comes in sizes 3 to 12!

Free Sewing Pattern: Peplum Top for Girls. Size 3 to 12

I can’t believe summer is nearly here!  It’s time to get sewing on a few more pieces for my daughter’s spring and summer wardrobe.

Make this adorable Peplum T-shirt!! Free Sewing Pattern: Peplum Top for Girls, Size 3 to 12

First up is this adorable Peplum Tee.  The top is actually a pattern hack of my free t-shirt pattern.  This t-shirt pattern has a long sleeve option as well and I have added another size to the pattern, so it now goes up to size 12.  (The t-shirt pattern is found here, in case you want to download the latest version.)

Make this adorable Peplum T-shirt!! Free Sewing Pattern: Peplum Top for Girls, Size 3 to 12

The little peplum/ruffle is super easy to add and really dresses up a plain t-shirt.

Outfit sources:

Make this adorable Peplum T-shirt!! Free Sewing Pattern: Peplum Top for Girls, Size 3 to 12

This little tee is very easy to sew and can easily be adapted to be any length (you can even turn it into a dress!)

Ready to sew one of these tops?  Head over to page 2 for the pattern link and sewing instructions.

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  1. Can the flutter sleeve from your other pattern be used in place of the sleeve in this pattern?
    Thanks so much for offering these great free patterns!

  2. Trying to get pattern #84256
    Very frustrated

    1. I can see where you checked out. on the check out page, underneath the word download, there was a purple button with the words “Girl’s Perfect T-Shirt Dress Pattern”. If you click that button, the pattern will have auto downloaded to your computer.

      If you entered your email address properly, you should have gotten an email from me. Under the word download, it says, “Girl’s Perfect T-Shirt Dress Pattern” click that link and the pattern will auto download to your computer.

      If you clicked the button/link and it seems like nothing happened, you will need to navigate to where files are downloaded to your computer. You can click search, and search on the pattern title “Girl’s Perfect T-Shirt Dress Pattern”

      If you are still having trouble, you might need to get a family member or frien to help you.
      Good luck,

  3. On the shirt in the photo, did you use the knit material for the body of the shirt for the neck binding also?

    1. Yes, I did. The t-shirt fabric was not as stretchy as ribbed binding, so I cut the neck line strip a bit longer…

      This is in the instructions under binding tips:
      The pattern for the neck binding is designed for a ribbed knit with 50 to 75% stretch with good recovery (Fabric Fairy has a lot of good quality ribbed knit choices.) If using a binding fabric with less stretch, you have two choices:
      1. Measure the neckline and cut a fabric strip 15% less than the measurement (multiply the neck measurement by .85) and follow the instructions in step 4. (This is the “in the round” method– and it never hurts to do the finger stretch test before sewing…)
      2nd choice: The “flat” method– Sew only one shoulder closed, fold binding in half and attach the binding from one end of the neckline to the other. Trim excess binding and sew the other shoulder closed. (The only downside to this method is the seam will be on the side and slightly bulkier.)

  4. Gertrude Okore says:

    Your sewing inspires me so much Jamie and your daughter is a ”you” look-alike and very beautiful too.

    I learnt how to sew a pillowcase dress from you and nowadays I can make myself a pillowcase blouse … A newbie here but proud of what I have done so far in sewing.

    Always ambitious, I am learning simple pattern making so I can keep on creating awesome clothings.