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Free Basic Legging Pattern (sz 3 to 14)

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I’ve got a new free pdf pattern for you today!  Learn how to sew leggings with this free girls legging pattern, in sizes 3 to 14. This Basic Legging Pattern is great for all skill levels! From the seasoned pro to beginners who are “dipping their toes” into the world of knits.

The leggings can be easily made in less than an hour by following the included step by step, tutorial-style instructions.

free girls legging pattern

Free Girls Legging Pattern

Ok, so this isn’t actually a brand new pattern – it’s an updated version of my previous legging pattern.  I’ve added a few new sizes and raised the rise a bit since we are now liking the rise just a bit higher. This free legging pattern is available in sizes 3 through 14 years.

Already have this pattern?  Skip directly to the sewing instructions.

It’s the perfect season for leggings right now.  Not too cold just yet and when the weather does finally turn, they’ll make a great layering piece!

Leggings are definitely a must-have in every girl’s closet. They go with everything from dresses to tunics to tank tops and are so much comfier than denim or other non-stretch fabrics.

These leggings can be easily made in less than an hour by following the included step by step tutorial style instructions. 

If you are feeling adventurous, and would like to try a different style using the same pattern, I have a separate tutorial on how to add a yoga-style waistband to leggings here.  

Styling Ideas for Your Leggings:

I’ve sewn several pairs over the last week and my missy and I have had fun coming up with a few new outfits!  (Pretty much all the other items shown in these pictures are from Crazy 8 or Gymboree.  Except for the embroidered sweater, that’s from Land’s’ End.

free girls legging patternfree basic legging sewing pattern for girlshow to sew leggingsFabric sources: Blue leopard print fabric – Plaid Knit Fabricstriped fabric.

Why You Should Give this Free Legging Pattern a Shot!

If you’ve never sewn leggings you should really give them a try.  

  • They are soo quick to make!! 
  • This particular pattern has only 2 seams, and you can choose whether or not to hem the bottom.
  • Once you have gone through the tutorial and made one pair of leggings, you will be able to whip these leggings out in a very short amount of time.

Best Fabrics to Use with this Free Knit Legging Pattern

I’d like to discuss fabric recommendations before proceeding to the pattern access and sewing instructions.  

The fabric you choose to make this free girls’ legging pattern will make a huge difference in how happy you are with your results.  

Knit fabric comes in so many different weights, content, and stretch.  

It is important to use the right fabric for this project.  I’ve tried a few different fabrics and definitely have my favorites.

  • You need to look for a knit fabric with at least 50% stretch and around 4% or more lycra/spandex for recovery.
  • I love the cotton lycra from Funkalicious fabrics most of her 3/8″ Cotton Lycra Stripe Knit Fabric is pretty great.
  • Kaufman Laguna knit is also good, but a bit thinner than the cotton lycra from Funkalicious
  • Riley Blake Cotton Jersey has great stretch and recovery, is a nice weight, and has a ton of cute designs
  • The BOLT line is slightly thinner but has great stretch and recovery for leggings.
  • The “Premium Dots and Stripes” from  NR Fabrics on Etsy are amazing to work with!!!
  • If you are looking for ribbed knit for binding, the Fabric Fairy has a lot of good quality ribbed knit choices.
  • I am sure there are other great fabric lines of great quality to choose from, but I have not personally tried them.

Free Legging Pattern Fit Chart:

free girls legging pattern fit chart

Fabric Amounts Needed for Girls Legging Pattern:

  • Sz 3 – 4: 3/4 yd
  • Sz 5 to 8: 1 yd
  • Sz 10 to 14: 1 1/4 yd  

Materials Needed to Make this Free Legging Pattern for Girls:

  • pattern
  • Stretchy knit fabric (up to 1 1/4 yards of 58-inch fabric for a size 14)
  • 1 inch elastic

Products Used and Recommended for this Legging Pattern:

  1. My favorite fabric shop for knits: Fabric.com Funkalicious Fabrics and Girl Charlee.
  2. My Sewing Machine: SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist, my coverstitch: Janome Cover Pro 1000cpx
  3. My Serger: Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger or you can just use Pinking Shears
  4. Ballpoint/stretch needles
  5. Ballpoint/stretch double needle
  6. Rotary Cutter
  7. I love my large ruler and large cutting mat, but you may prefer to start off with a smaller Cutting set
  8. Dritz Dual Purpose Marking Pen and Fray Check
  9. Wonder clips (I didn’t use these in the post, but they are just awesome!

Pattern Info/Tips:

  • use fabric with a touch of lycra for recovery (at least 3 to 4%)
  • must use knit w/ about 50% stretch for best results (see recommendations above)
  • .25 inch seam allowance included
  • .5 inch bottom hem included

Tips for Saving the and Printing

  • Navigate to the pattern Access Page.
  • Add the pattern to your cart and check out.
  • You will be redirected to a thank you page that links to the pattern file. (looks like this)free legging pattern pdf

If you enter your email correctly, you will also get an email version of this page for your records.

Next Steps:

  • Save the free legging pattern to your PC.
  • Open the free Adobe Reader, then open the pattern within Adobe Reader. (Some computers will auto-open the file in Adobe, and others will try to open it in the Chrome PDF reader. I can only support the pattern when it is opened in the true Adobe reader.
  • When printing, choose the actual size and auto landscape/portrait. Don’t print from Google’s online version of Adobe. (It will sometimes cause the pattern to print too small.) *there is also a new option to print only the size needed)

Now You Can Print Just the Size Needed!

Once you have saved the pattern to your desktop and opened it in the free Adobe Reader program, you have a new printing option.

You can now print only the size needed. (This pattern only; I’m slowly going back and updating the older patterns.) This function is super handy and makes it much less confusing when cutting the pattern. Plus, I love that it enables me to print in black and white. (That color ink can be pricey!)

free pdf legging pattern in layers

Also, all the pattern pages print on blocks that are 10 by 7.5 inches and surrounded by a grey border. This way the patterns are printable on almost any printer/paper size larger than 10 by 7.5.  (That is why you must choose “actual size” rather than “fit to page”.)

Are you ready to sew a pair of leggings?

Girls Basic Leggings Project Instructions

Elastic cutting chart: 



Sewing Instructions: How to Sew Leggings

Step 1. Assembling pattern and cutting out pattern pieces.

1. Trim the pattern pieces around the gray boxes, line up the A, B, C and D dots.  Tape the pattern together and cut out the size needed. (Should look like this when assembled.)scattered mom legging pattern

*The legging length is based on standard generic child measurements.  If your child is shorter or taller than average, I recommend comparing the pattern length to a pair of leggings/capri’s/shorts that you know is a good length.

2. Cut elastic according to the elastic cutting chart (see above) or for a custom fit, cut the elastic to your child’s waist measurement plus 1/2 inch.

3. Fold the fabric in half, with the stretch running side to side and cut out two pattern pieces.

Step 2:  Sewing the leggings.

Line up the two fabric pieces, right sides together and sew (or serge) the front and back together as shown below, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Tip:  You could hem the legging now (it is easier than hemming after the legs are sewn together, but if this is your first time sewing this pattern, I recommend waiting until the end so you can check the length.

Flip the leggings around so the front and back seams and leg seams line up.  Sew along the leg seams using a 1/4 seam allowance.

Step 3: Adding the Elastic.

Cut a piece of 1 inch elastic according to the chart above.  

For a custom fit, cut the elastic to your child’s waist measurement plus 1/2 inch.  

Overlap the edges of the elastic (1/2 inch each side) and sew together with a tight zig zag.  Trim excess elastic.

Divide the elastic circle and legging waistband into quarters and mark with pin or fabric marker.  

Line up the marks and pin together, lining the elastic about 3/8 inch below the edge of the fabric.


Attach the elastic to the legging, using a long, wide zig zag stitch.  Sew from pin to pin, stretching the elastic to the width of the legging as you go.

Fold the elastic over and pin in place.  Using a zig zag or stretch stitch sew right along the edge of the elastic. (but not on the elastic.)

Trim any excess fabric and don’t forget to add a tag!

You are done!

Free Girls legging pattern size 3 to 12

As always, if you sew something from one of my tutorials or patterns I would love to see it!  Be sure to come back and share a photo on my facebook page or tag me on Instagram @scatteredmom, with #scatteredmompatterns!


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  1. Marion Long says:

    Thank you so much for this free pattern. I love sewing leggings for my grandkids

  2. Love it ,thanks gor the free pattern. It’s super easy to sew. It took about 30 min including cutting pattern, fabric and assembly. I haven’t tried it on my little princess yet, but they look like a good fit

  3. Hello My name is Sue and I wanted to sample these leggings as a beginner sewer for my granchildren. Between adds I navigated the tutorial, via heaps of adds, which was great , got to end but no wau I could get the pattern. Maybe because I am not going to leave a credit card number from Australia so I have gone from excited to diisappointed.
    yours sincerely
    Sue Baeck.
    i would appreciate if the pattern could be just emailed to me

    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      So strange, since my patterns are free.

  4. Rosalie Covello says:

    Hi, i was hoping I could use Tshirts to make leggings for a 21/2 year old. Would they work? I sure hope so.

    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      If they are stretchy, they will work.

  5. I just finished sewing these leggings in size 5. I used a 95% cotton 5% elastane fabric so they are a bit on the tight side, but they still fit great and my daughter loves her new pair.Thanks for the great pattern!

  6. Hi Jamie thank you so much for the free pattern. It may already say but I am wondering what is the width of the fabric that is required for these please?

    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      knits are usually wider than cottons, ranging anywhere from 48 to 64 inches wide, so just about any size knit fabric will work

  7. Maria E Gallegos says:

    Hi Thanks for the pattern! I just need a bit of clarification. Do I cut out the pattern pieces on the fold? Long edge?

    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      no, don’t cut on “the fold”. The fabric is folded in half so you have two mirrored pieces. If you don’t have enough to fold in half, cut one piece then flip the fabric over and cut the second.

  8. Thanks for the pattern of the leggings! They fit my youngest grandchildren of five years old very well.
    Soon I will use the pattern to teach my granddaughter of ten yers old te sew her own legging.
    With kind regards!
    Jolande from the Netherlands

  9. Thank you sew much. I’m only starting out with patterns now but I am loving your free patterns. I’ve just printed this and can’t wait to to sew a “made by mom” closet for my daughter

  10. Shelle Mannin says:

    Am I missing a link to print the instructions without the ads, etc???

    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      no, there is no button to print the instructions. I only provide the pattern for free. It is up to you to capture the instructions however you wish. I don’t sell patterns. I have over 120 free patterns and tutorial and the ads are what pays for them. Leave me a comment with your paypal address and I will be happy to sell you ad-free instructions for $2.99.

  11. Do you have a printable instruction page? I like to get away from my laptop when I sew. Thanks so much for the pattern! My daughter was just commenting on how expensive these shorts are for 2 little girls who love to wear dresses and play 🙂

  12. Glenda Hyde says:

    I just copied the pattern ! I love leggings ! Thank you so much for the pattern ! GOD BLESS & Happy Holidays !

  13. Sarah king says:

    hi. how do I know what size is suitable in UK?

  14. Marian Grimwood says:

    Love the higher waist!

  15. Thanks very much for the pattern! I am hoping to use it very soon 🙂 You have probably put this somewhere, but I cannot find it (or maybe I am simply not sure how to read: 1/4 inch seam allowance and 1/2 inch bottom hem allowed, sorry). Are the seam allowances (and te bottom hem) included in the pattern, or should I add them to the pattern? Thank you very much!

    1. Yes, the seam allowances are already added.

  16. Thanks a lot for the pattern it’s wonderful and very well explained and ready to look for more. Thanks again for your kindness

  17. I am struggling to figure out how much material I will need for size 3. Money is tight and I am trying to be a good stewart.

    1. The size 3 is about 24 inches long, so you are probably safe with about 3/4 yard of fabric. Make sure it has plenty of side to side stretch. I just added a little video where I talk about best fabric for these leggings and stretch content. See it here: https://youtu.be/bwRRp_RngoY

  18. Christine DANNEELS says:

    Thank you !