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Gift Idea: Olive Oil Dispenser

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Wow, only 10 days until Christmas!

With the kids in school, the days really fly by.  I’ve done most of my shopping, but I need to pull every thing out and make sure we have everything we need.  The kids are going to Grandmas this weekend, so I will use that time to finish everything up.

Today, I want to share an easy gift idea for an Etched Glass Olive Oil Dispenser.

After all, who couldn’t use a pretty Olive Oil Dispenser?

How to make an olive oil dispenser.

I actually have been looking around for an olive oil dispenser for myself, but I wasn’t really finding anything I liked.

Everything I found was either too small, decorated not to my taste, came in an oil/vinegar “set” or was just too expensive.

I finally found the perfect glass bottle at Bed Bath and Beyond.

It was 12 inches tall and only $3.99 after my 20% off coupon.  I decided I could make it pretty (and look just the way I wanted with the craft supplies I already owned!

Supplies needed to make your own olive oil dispenser:

  • Glass bottle
  • Glass etching cream
  • paint brush
  • exacto knife
  • printer
  • sticker paper
  • water source
  • ribbon and/or some type of decorative
  • item for the bottle neck


Using Picnik or some type of word processing program, create a simple design or word phrase.  (I used Microsoft Word. )

Print your design on sticker paper.  All I had was return address labels, so I had to print the words out on seperate labels to get the size I wanted.

Use your exacto knife to cut out the design.

Peel the sticker and place it on the bottle.

Paint the etching cream onto the sticker, following the directions on the label.

I had to use 2 stickers, I just applied the 2nd sticker over the 1st word.

Fill with olive oil and add your decorative items.  I used ribbon and a miniature bell.  Be sure you have enough olive oil to fill the bottle to the top.  (Not like me, lol.)

Tada, So pretty!

If youxre inspired to create something based on this tutorial, I would love to see it!

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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    They sell the bottles at Joann's crafts and fabric for 99 cents. Just a heads up if you are making this project. Pretty cool! I saw them and didn't know what on earth I would do – now I do!

  2. Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It says:

    I would love that for a gift!

  3. Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer says:

    I really like this gift idea – cute and simple. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best and wishing you very happy holiday's.

  4. Love the blog, such great ideas!! I wish I was crafty like that!! I would love it if you could pop over at http://www.twotinytyrnts.com. Do you have an option to Follow your blog, because I can't seem to find it:s

  5. Kara at Petals to Picots says:

    I love this gift idea! I would love for you to add it to my Best of 2011 link party, as well as any other projects you are most proud of from this year. Visit http://www.petalstopicots.com.
    ~Kara 🙂

  6. Blessings from Cindy says:

    I love the etched bottle; it made it special instead of ordinary! I am a new follower!!

  7. OhioMomPatriot says:

    This is a great hostess gift. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Trisha @ clarionwren.com says:

    I haven't thought to use stickers…I've only seen vinyl used. Looks like it works just as well! Thanks for sharing.

  9. That's a fantastic gift idea. I know i would love to get it. I need to keep my eye out for bottles like that.

  10. The Autocrat: Haley says:

    Super cute idea!!

  11. I have used these bottles for a while and love them