Gingerbread Man Ornaments

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These Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree ornaments are made from… foam!  They’re lightweight, easy to make and oh-so-cute; a perfect craft for the kids or a Holiday themed craft night!  

Christmas Ornament Craft: Dress up your tree with these cute handmade Gingerbread Man Ornaments. (So easy to make!)

In the corner of our kitchen/dining area, I keep a comfy chair and side table.  (Actually, I used to have 2 chairs there and we referred to this spot as “Nana and Papa’s spot,” since they like to sit there with their coffee when they visit.  We removed one of the chairs a while back and now they have to fight over it- sorry Nana and Papa!)

We have a fun holiday new tradition, over the last few years we’ve been putting a second smaller tree in this corner and the kids get to have fun decorating this tree with all our handmade ornaments.

I received a package of craft Supplies from FloraCraft last month and finally had a chance to make something with the Make It: Fun® Foam they included in the box.  This foam product is so easy to use.  It cuts like a dream into almost any shape.  I used a gingerbread man cookie cutter for this project, but I love the idea of a bell or star shape painted gold and covered with glitter!

So cute, right?  They really do look like little cookies!

To make these ornaments, you need:

Gather your supplies and cover your work surface.

Use the cookie cutter to cut out your shapes.  (actually works best if you use the cookie cutter with the comfort grip on a cutting board.)

Paint your shapes and let dry.

Add eyes and any desired trim.

Cut ribbon to desired length and thread through needle.  Push needle through the top of your ornament.

Pull out one end of the ribbon and tie ends into a square knot.

Add your final accent paint, let dry and hang on your tree!


Products used and recommended in this post:
FloraCraft Make It: Fun Foam (12 x 12 sheet, 1/2 inch thick)  You can also find this at your local craft supply store and use a coupon!
Cookie cutter  (comfort grip)  (the one I used)
Foam brush
7mm Googly eyes
Embroidery/yarn needle 
Low temp glue gun

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Christmas Ornament Craft: Dress up your tree with these cute handmade Gingerbread Man Ornaments. (So easy to make!)

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  1. So glad I found your blog! I need some crafty inspiration! Love these ornaments!

  2. popcornandchocolate.com says:

    These guys are super cute!! I would love a whole tree full of them!

  3. Ok, those are really, really cute. They're as cute as cookies are!

  4. Melanie Walsh says:

    Those are just darling. I know my kids would get a kick out of "baking" up a few of these foam ornaments!

  5. mail4rosey says:

    Aw they really are cute. My son would love to help make these too.

  6. What a cute idea and I think they would look good on your "regular tree" as well! Any child would be proud to help make these and be able to say "I helped make them!!!!"