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Up-cycled Leg Warmers

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Today, I’m sharing how to make these adorable leg warmers from up-cycled sweaters or ladies socks…

I have a pretty good collection of outgrown and unloved items that I’m saving. (I wouldn’t call myself hoarder, maybe a pack rat? I just hate it when I get rid of something and and need it later…)  Among my collection are a few sweaters and ladies socks that I had put aside to up-cycle into leg warmers.

Aren’t these rainbow leg warmers the cutest things ever?  What little girl would not want a pair!  Right now, the weather is perfect for the warmers.  The morning temps are often in the 40’s and by the time the kids come home on the bus it has warmed up to the 80’s, so it’s easy for her to just take off the leg warmers when she gets hot without removing her shoes.

See how easy it is to make legwarmers using adult socks or sweaters.

 The rainbow leg warmers were made from ladies knee socks and the red ones (shown below) from sweater sleeves.  Either way, the process is super simple. (Though using the socks is the easiest, since there is no need to add elastic to the top.)

Supplies needed to make leg warmers:
Adult sized sweater or knee socks
1/4 inch elastic (if needed)
Ruler scissors, basic sewing supplies


1. If using socks, cut off the foot as low as possible (14 to 16 inches is ideal for a 6 yr old) and skip to step 3.

Remove the sleeve from the sweater.  Cut the sleeve to about 16 inches by 4.75 (folded) or as close as you can get with your sleeve.

2.  Right sides together, sew along the edge of the long side, using a long wide zig zag stitch.
3.  Fold over the raw bottom edge 3/8 inch and hem, using the long wide zig zag. (This is the bottom of the leg warmer.)

4. If using socks, you can skip this step and be done, yea!

Check the stretch and recovery of your sleeve cuff.  If you think they will stay up on their own, you can skip this part too, but if you think they need a little more elasticity, we can fix that with this next step.

Measure around your child’s leg, tight under the knee or where ever the top of the leg warmer will sit.  Cut a piece of elastic to this measurement, minus 1/2 inch.  Sew the ends of the elastic together with a zig zag stitch.


Divide the elastic and top of the leg warmer in to fourths.  Line up the marks and attach the elastic to the wrong side of the legwarmer, about 1/4 inch from the top.  Stretching the elastic as you go.

Fold the elastic over and sew along the edge of the elastic with a straight stitch.

Repeat the steps above with the 2nd legwarmer and you are done!
Today was crazy sock day at school to our timing could not have been more perfect…

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  1. I need to make a pair of these for my girl, she would love this!

  2. Love the rainbow!! She reminds me of Rainbow Bright in them 🙂

  3. Angela Kijauskas says:

    Very cute! I wish our temps here would even reach 40. That would be a step in the right direction. Love the rainbow ones especially.

  4. Cute idea and an even cuter model!