13 Ways to Make Your Loved One Feel Special on Their Birthday (or any other Special Day)

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Want to Make Your Loved One Feel Special on Their Birthday (or any other Special Day?) Here are 13 fantastic ideas to make someone feel extra special on their birthday or special day!

how to make someone feel special on their birthday

Make Your Loved One Feel Special on Their Birthday

I have a terrible time remembering to put birthday or other special occasion cards in the mail on time. In the days leading up to the occasion, I remind myself multiple times to pick up a card and drop it in the mail or to just mail the card I already have.  And I still can’t remember until the day of!  Does anyone else have this issue?

Luckily, we can now send personalized greeting eCards instantly to our loved ones.  Even better, are video eCards, with lyrics you can personalize.  (I definitely prefer funny cards and these video cards are laugh-out-loud funny!)

For our wedding anniversary, I sent hubby a greeting card that allowed me to record a message in my own voice. But then I stumbled across this video card featuring a Barry White-Esque singing hamster.  

I was laughing out loud at this card!  When creating the card, there’s a drop-down menu that allows you to choose the recipient’s name and a few of their favorite things and activities.  (I don’t want to replay the actual video card I sent, since my selections to personalize the card made a hilariously suggestive card. We both got a good laugh over it and it was just perfect for my hubby!)

More ideas to make your loved one feel special on their birthday (or anniversary)

how to make someone feel special on their birthday
  1. Send a greeting card through the mail! (always the #1 choice)
  2. If you forget to send a card in time, try sendig a personalized video eCard.
  3. If it is someone you don’t live with, be the first one of the day to send a Happy Birthday text.
  4. Bring them coffee or breakfast in bed at their designated wake-up time.  (I once made a trip to Starbucks for my hubby’s favorite drink and treat the day before. I hid it in the fridge and reheated it for him the next morning.)
  5. Leave a love note on the mirror.
  6. Send sweet/funny text messages throughout the day.
  7. Cook their favorite meal and dessert for dinner.
  8. Do something small, but unexpected, such as cleaning the bathroom, their office, or car.
  9. Plan a surprise get-together with friends. (For my hubby’s 40th I had friends meet us out and secretly rented a limo to drive us around to all the local hotspots.)
  10. Surprise them at work for lunch. Or if they are somewhere they cant leave for lunch, have something delivered.) (I once had a selection of my parents favorite wines from a local liquor store delivered to their house for their anniversary.)
  11. Surprise them with balloons. (Tied to their chair at breakfast, or get to their office before them and tie balloons to their office chair, or even a DIY Balloon Avalanche.)
  12. Hide a sweet note in his/her pocket or somewhere else they will find it that day…
  13. Declare it birthday week (or another special day week) and do something nice every day, even it’s a simple happy greeting, “since it is your special week.” 

Any other suggestions?  I would love to have a few more ideas to add to my list!

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