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Install Under Cabinet Lighting in less than 5 minutes w/ Gorilla® Mounting Tape (plus $250 gift card Giveaway)

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Have you been wanting to add under cabinet lighting to your kitchen cabinets; but don’t have a budget for a professional electrician and no experience with tools?  If so, you’ll love today’s post on how to install wireless under cabinet lighting in 5 minutes!  (These LED Light Bars are a snap to install using the Gorilla Mounting Tape.  As a bonus, scroll down to the bottom of the post and enter the giveaway for a  $250 Home Depot Gift Card.  How great would it be to win the card and cover your entire project?)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Gorilla Glue Company . All opinions are 100% mine.

How to install wireless under cabinet lighting in 5 minutes

How to install wireless under cabinet lighting in 5 minutes:

We’re currently in a rental home and even though it’s brand new, the house was built by a developer (along with several others in the neighborhood) specifically to be a rent house.  What that means is the house was built with no upgrades at all.  No ceiling fans, no doorbell, no extra wiring (which means no internet, cable or phones in any of the rooms,) and the lighting package was pretty basic too.

We really liked the neighborhood, floorplan (and price) of this house.  We were happy to add a few things to make it comfortable since we planned to be here at least a year. (Although it’s now turning into two…  Here is the latest photo update of our owner/builder home build.  I know I’ve been hinting about our new house a lot lately.  I promise, I’m going to write a post very soon detailing all the hurdles of building your own home!)

*update: Here is the post catching you up on our owner-builder home build.

The first thing we did after moving in was to add ceiling fans in every room. This is Texas and I’m a girl who just runs hot, lol.  We also added closet organizers, shelving in the bathrooms and laundry and a little flower garden in the back. (All with approval of course.)  And thank goodness for all the wireless technology available now…  From doorbells to wireless DVRs to internet repeaters and cameras, we’ve been able to make ourselves quite comfy in this house!

We have a big window in the dining room (next to the kitchen) that provides lots of lovely light during the day.  At night though, it’s a different story.  I really wanted to add a bit more brightness to the kitchen.  The project couldn’t be anything that involved electricity or tools since that type of thing is 100% out of my skill set.

The good news is, there are tons of battery powered lighting options available.  You can choose from led light bars, puck lights or rope lights.  Go as fancy as you want – installing lights that come with remotes, motion or light sensors; or go very basic with switches or the “press on” style light.

In our case, I went with a fairly inexpensive LED Light Bar with a switch.

install under cabinet led light bars with gorilla mounting tape

I wanted to make sure the light would not come loose or fall, so I knew the Gorilla® Tough & Clear Mounting Tape would be perfect for this project. (The Gorilla® Tape is good stuff.  We just used the heavy duty version to securely mount a 5 pound stick vacuum to a closet wall in our camper.)

If you’ve never seen the Gorilla® Tough & Clear Mounting Tape before – this stuff is amazing!  The mounting tape is a clear double-sided tape that mounts instantly, for a long-lasting, weatherproof bond. The crystal clear adhesive tape is good for indoor and outdoor use. Plus it won’t yellow over time and holds up to 15 pounds (7 pounds for squares.)

The Gorilla® Tough & Clear Mounting Tape made my little project so easy – the hardest part ended up being me trying to get the light out of the ridiculous packaging!

Installing Under Cabinet Lighting with Gorilla Mounting Tape couldn’t be easier!

To install the light bar, cut the Gorilla® Mounting Tape to size and apply it to the bottom of the light fixture…

These LED Light Bars are a snap to install using the Gorilla Mounting Tape!

Peel off the back side of the tape and stick it to the underside of the cabinet!

How to install wireless under cabinet lighting in 5 minutes

It’s that easy!  For about $60 and 5 minutes, I now have lights under my kitchen cabinets!

How to install wireless under cabinet lighting in 5 minutes

Now it’s your turn!

I’d love to hear about your kitchen dream project. Share your plans in the comment section below and don’t forget to fill out the entry form for a chance to win a $250 Home Depot Gift Card from Gorilla Glue®!

Gorilla Glue $250 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway

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  1. Brandon Sparks says:

    Now this is something that I could really use. Thanks for this amazing chance..

  2. Rob Hestar says:

    I’d love to re do our bathroom and put in a tub for me and the wife! 🙂

  3. christopher h says:

    my dream kitchen project would be to somehow have kitchen appliances that i don’t use very often (kitchenaid mixer, for example) away in a cabinet, yet somehow still easily accessible/available when needed. still unsure how to accomplish that.

    1. I have the same wish. The way i am acomplishing that, is by Making the pantry bigger and putting a countertop in there. It’s called a “working pantry.” I’m also putting our second fridge in there too.

  4. We just finished a few projects in the kitchen. Now I’d love to make an island!

  5. Gorilla glue is my jam! I love all of their products!

  6. Amanda Daniel says:

    This seems like such an easy diy. I absolutely love the under cabinet lighting and I could even do this!!

  7. Theresa Sigourney says:

    I would love to win

  8. Rhonda Fuller says:

    I need new floors and cabinets

  9. annette sole says:

    Thank you so much for this great tip. It would be so awesome to win this gift card. I love to do DIY projects with my grandchildren.

  10. Ivelisse W says:

    Looks like another fantastic product from Gorilla Glue

  11. Michael Woods says:

    Gorilla Glue is a staple in our household for repairs. Great stuff.

    1. I agree. I fixed a kitchen chair with Gorilla Glue & it worked awesome.

  12. Katherine Leo says:

    I would love to win I love the Gorilla products and thanks for the video I am going to show my husband maybe I’ll finally get some lighting under my cupboards

  13. Laura Ackerman says:

    Gorilla products are the best around. Great idea for more lighing where it’s needed most.

  14. This is fantastic! It makes things so much easier, and cleaner!
    Thanks for the chance,

  15. Savannah Amram says:

    We live in a southern 1930s house. The kitchen has original cabinetry. I would love to update it (using original hardware) and do this for some additional lighting.

  16. Cindy Quisenberry says:

    Gorilla glue fixes everything! Great product with many uses.

  17. Gorilla Glue rocks!!! I use it all the time

    1. I agree, Gorilla Glue works awesome. I have my FINGERS CROSSED on the gift card. Remodeling a older house isn’t cheap.

  18. heatherjones145 says:

    This would help out so much! We are remodeling our kitchen and redoing our floors this would be amazing to win. It would help more then I can say thank you for the opportunity

  19. Patricia Biggar says:

    So, that’s how it’s done! I always wanted under cabinet lighting, but thought I would have to hire and electrician to install them so the cords wouldn’t show – but, then I read this wonderful article and realized I can do this myself and use Gorilla tape to keep everything in place securely. I think I’ll head over to Home Depot this weekend and check out the lighting options they have. Nice giveaway, I hope I win, but even if I don’t I’m still going to install the under cabinet lighting (now that I know how).

  20. Sandra Brower says:

    I love Gorilla Glue products. Gorilla Tape sounds great.

  21. beth Embrey says:

    Now that is neat! I need lighting in ALL the cabinets– kitchen and bathroom!

  22. MarqueeMark says:

    These logical tips an tricks make my day every time.

  23. Carol Graves says:

    Sometime,s the simplest way is the best way.

  24. jacqueline nikolish says:

    Great idea and one I think I will try. Definitely will use the Gorilla tape to install them too.