Knit Halter Dress

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I finished another Halter Dress for my Daughter.  The pattern ws very simple and it came out pretty cute:

I used McCall’s 5419 view F.  It is a simple pattern, only 3 pieces.  Though I did have to make several adjustments to get it right…

First I sewed in the back elastic good and tight!  Back-stitching several times and securing it really well…  Then, of course, the elastic was too tight.  I was able to pick the seam out on one side, but I had to just cut the elastic out on the other side.

Then I decided to add the bottom ruffle to give the dress a little more interest.  I planned to cut 2 to 3 inches off before I added the ruffle, but I forgot.  No way I am taking off that ruffle and reattaching it, so now it is a maxi-dress.  (This is a good thing anyway now it will still fit next year as a dress and not a tunic-top.)

I also decided to add a little loop to the back of the halter so we could criss-cross it on her back to give the dress a little more support over the shoulders instead of having it hang around her neck.

Here it is in action…

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