Menu Plan Monday: Vacation Edition – 8/05/2013

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Happy Monday everyone! 

Yes, even on vacation I m still planning our meals… 

We stay in a villa with a full kitchen, so it just makes sense (money-wise) to cook most of our meals.  We don’t cook anything fancy, it all very casual and the menu is based around the rotisserie chickens and salads that the hotel sells in their little “express” restaurant. (They sell pre-made stuff you pick up and take back to your room.)  I bring few packaged things from home and we go to Wal-Mart and load up on groceries.  (Wal-mart in Mexico is always an adventure.)

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Here is our menu for the next week. (I have tentatively planned the menu for the following week  Hubby will be joining us then, so I will wait to post it in case we change or rearrange the menu)

Monday: Chicken bean and cheese Enchilada Casserole.  Similar to this. (we brought an envelope of enchilada sauced from home- the kind that you mix with water and tomato sauce.)

Tuesday:  Hamburger helper (I brought this from home- its actually a chicken helper.)

Wednesday: Chicken and Pesto pasta w/ Caesar salad (another seasoning packet from home- this one you mix w/ olive oil.)

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Chicken Fried Rice

Saturday: Chicken bean and cheese nachos (Hubby arrives this night, I know this is what he will want.)

Sunday: Hubby’s choice – He may want to go out – if not, we will do leftovers or something from the “express”.

I will be linking up over at orgjunkie.com.  Be sure to check it out for a bunch of awesome meal plans!

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