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Easy Pom Pom Fleece Beanie Hat

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This Easy Pom Pom Fleece Beanie tutorial is a great way to hack a free fleece beanie pattern and give it a fun new look!

free Pom Pom Fleece Beanie pattern

Pom Pom Fleece Beanie Hat

Brr…  We finally had our first real cold front blow through yesterday morning!  OK, so technically, it was the 2nd cold front of the season, but since we were out of town when the 1st one came through (on the beach, woo-hoo) that one didn’t really count.

The timing was definitely right on getting this pom pom fleece beanie done for my lil missy, as it is so cold and windy outside right now. 

Speaking of cold weather, I’ve been waiting patiently to wear my new slim profile Koolaburra by Ugg Boots.  Yeah! Finally, I wore them to Hobby Lobby last night, and they were so toasty warm and so comfy!)

This little project will make the perfect stocking stuffer, btw!  Here are a few more handmade stocking stuffer ideas:

How to make an Easy Pom Pom Fleece Beanie

I have some exciting news to share today; I finally broke down and bought myself an embroidery machine during the Black Friday sales events! 

My mom had given me her old machine several years ago, but it was outdated technology (she never even did a project on it). The only way to get designs into that machine was with special proprietary cards; you couldn’t find the cards at a reasonable price anywhere.  That machine sat in its box for seven more years, until we finally moved and I got rid of it.  

So, when it comes to embroidery, I don’t really know what I’m doing yet, but I did manage to use a fancy font from Etsy, hoop the project, and embroider the brim of this beanie! (It only took me about 6 hours to get it figured out, lol)

Pom pom fleece beanie hat

I can spot a few issues on the hat. (Like… the embroidery is a bit crooked, the white bobbin thread is showing through, and the text probably would have looked better in just one font instead of two.) But I’m still glad to get a project under my belt.

After the holidays, I plan to sign up for a few classes to learn the ins and outs of the machine.  Luckily, it came with several pre-wound bobbins because I can’t even figure out how to wind them!

To make this hat, I used the beanie pattern from last week with a couple of changes to feminize the pattern. Basically, I lopped a few inches off the bottom and added a separate banded/folded hem and a pom pom. I used this fleece pom pom tutorial.

free fleece beanie hat pattern

I love this look with the banded hem – it makes changing the fabric types and using multiple patterned fabrics easier.

I almost think any knit fabric would work for this style of beanie hat. One thing to note is that adding the banded hem reduces the stretchability of the hat (especially with fleece). If your pattern size is already a tight fit, you might consider sizing up.

I did not size up for my missy’s hat. It still fit, but it was definitely tighter around the bottom hem. (She has a narrow head, so she is in the 6 to 9 size.)

We made a special trip to Hobby Lobby for some gray fleece.  She wants the next project to be a hat with animal ears and a face embroidered onto the hat.  So stay tuned for that one.

how to make a fleece hat

Ready to make this hat?  Here are the instructions to make this version:

Products used and Recommended:

  1. My favorite online fabric shop for knits is Girl Charlee and various Etsy Shops. My favorite shop for cotton and other apparel fabrics is The Fat Quarter Shop and Etsy
  2. My Sewing Machine SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist, and my coverstitch Janome Cover Pro 1000cpx
  3. My Serger: Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger, or you can just use Pinking Shears
  4. Rotary Cutter
  5. I love my large ruler and large cutting mat, but you may prefer to start off with a smaller Cutting set
  6. Dritz Dual Purpose Marking Pen and Fray Check
  7. Wonder clips (I didn’t use these in the post, but they are just awesome!
  8. Ball point needles
  9. Anti-pill Fleece

How to make a Pom Pom Fleece Beanie

Materials needed:

Step 1:  Visit the original Fleece Beanie post to Get the pattern

The post is here: Beanie hat pattern.

Step 2: Make changes to the pattern and cut fabric.

Trim 1.5 inches from the bottom of the hat pattern,  Cut 2 pieces of fabric, the width of the pattern by 3.75 inches tall (this is the banded hem.)

Step 3:  Putting the hat together

Follow the original beanie hat instructions up to the point of hemming.

Line up the two strips of fabric, (the banded hem pieces) right sides together and sew along the edges.

Fold the hem band in half, right sides out.

Line up the raw edges of the hat with the hem, right sides together, pin in place, and sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

fleece hat tutorial

If adding a pom pom to the top, securely hand stitch the pom pom in place with a coordinating thread.

Tip: If you feel there is too much slouchiness at the top of the beanie for a pom pom, you can easily remove some fabric for a slightly snugger fit. (Like this)

Sew a fleece hat

That’s it, you are done!

How to make an Easy Pom Pom Fleece Beanie

If you make one of these fleece beanie hats, be sure to come back and share a photo on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram using the #scatteredmompatterns.

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