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How to Make a Quilt-As-You-Go Pincushion

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This quilt-as-you-go pincushion is a perfectly quick, easy, and beginner-friendly sewing project that is just begging to be made!

This easy tutorial demonstrates the basic quilt-as-you-go method, giving you the cutest scrap-busting project made in under 30 minutes!

quilt as you go pincusion

Quilt as you Go Pincushion

Are you missing that dash of color and convenience in your sewing kit? It’s time to fill that gap with a handmade quilt-as-you-go pincushion! This delightful project is ideal for adding some charm to your craft space or gifting to someone who loves sewing.

The combination of our recent dreary weather and a head cold that has been dragging on, my motivation to create has been at an all-time low. The rain just seems to bring the kind of chill that makes you want to burrow under a quilt!

I came across this Valentine’s Day-themed charm pack in my hall closet under a pile of random items. I can’t remember where it came from or how it even ended up in that closet, but truly, nothing spices up a gloomy day quite like a splash of color. I knew I could piece together several strips of this pretty pink fabric into something quick and cute! And what better than a pincushion? A girl can never have too many!

Why you’ll love this Quilt-as-you-go Pincushion

  • Instant Gratification: In about 30 minutes, you’ll have a finished project—a timely cure for any creative slump!
  • Practical: Every sewist knows you can never have too many pin cushions; this cute addition is no exception.
  • Scrap Buster: This project is perfect for putting your smallest scraps to work.
  • The Perfect Gift: Whether you’re stocking up your Etsy shop or prepping for craft fairs, this pin cushion makes for a delightful handmade gift
quilt as you go pincusion

Ready to make the Pincushion?

Grab those fabric scraps, and let’s get started!

Materials needed to get started:

  • Colorful fabric scraps – You need about seven strips of fabric that are 1.5 inches by about 4 inches, plus an additional piece of fabric that is about 4 inches by 7.5 inches for the back of the pincushion.
  • Batting – The batting is used as a foundation to sew the strips of fabric to. You can also use fleece, felt, or a piece of white fabric that is about 4 inches by 7.5 inches.
  • Stuffing – You can use just about anything to stuff your pincushion. Opt for fleece scraps, pillow stuffing, or even ground walnut shells or that satisfyingly firm pincushion feel.
  • Basic sewing supplies – Sewing machine, thread, hand sewing needle, and scissors at the ready.

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How to make the Quilt as You Go Pincushion

Step 1: Prep your fabrics.

Choose your fabrics and cut them into 1.5-inch by 4-inch pieces. Lay them out in the desired order.

valentines day themed fabric for a pin cushion

Step 2: Sew the strips to the batting.

  1. Right side up, line up the 1st strip of fabric along the edge of the batting.
  2. Line the 2nd strip of fabric up with the 1st, right side down.
  3. Sew along the edge of the strip (as shown) with a 1/4-inch seam allowance.
  4. Fold the 2nd fabric strip over to the right side and finger press flat.
quilt as you go pincushion tutorial

Keep repeating this process until all the strips are sewn to the batting. If desired, you can sew a few more lines of quilting along the fabric.

how to make a quilt as you go pincushion

Step 3: Sewing the pincushion together

Trim the quilted front piece to 3.5 inches by 7 inches.

Cut a 2nd piece of fabric to 3.5 by 7 inches.

how to make a quilt as you go pincushion

Line the quilted front piece up with the back piece, right sides together, and sew all the way around, leaving about a 2-inch opening.

Trim the corners as shown below and flip the pincushion right side out, using a pencil or turning tool to poke out the corners.

how to make a quilt as you go pincushion

Fold the open edges in and press flat.

Step 4: Add the stuffing and sew the opening closed

Add your favorite stuffing and sew the pincushion closed using an invisible stitch.

add filling to your pincushion
how to make a quilt as you go pincushion

That’s it- you’re done! How cute is that pincushion? It’s so quick and easy that it kind of makes you want to sew a bunch more!

how to make a pincushion

Let me know if you end up making some of these quilt-as-you-go pincushions!

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