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How to Make an Easy Eyeglass Case

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This easy eyeglass case sewing tutorial is a perfect project for beginners, someone looking for easy projects to make and sell or just someone wanting to use up their stash.  A glasses case / sunglass pouch is something almost every person could use.  We all have at least one or the other.  I know I could make use of several of these a cute soft eyeglass cases.  One for every handbag and drawer!

eyeglass case

DIY Glasses Case Tutorial

I do a lot of reading on my kindle app on my phone and to prevent eye strain, I have started wearing “readers”.  It would be easy to just increase the font size in the Kindle app, but then there would be fewer words per page, which I don’t like. (I also keep a few readers stashed around the house and in my purse for tiny print as I’ve noticed my close up focus is beginning to show its “age.”)

I’d picked up this 10 piece set of readers online because the price was so good, and I like the idea of being able to stash them all over the house. (I also get a kick out of walking into a room and catching my hubby wearing them.  He looks especially good in my red ones that live in the basket on the dining room table, lol.)

I actually don’t like wearing them in public though, because I have a long narrow face and those frames are a bit too wide for my face.

Luckily, we had stopped into Buc Ee’s on a recent trip to Houston and I stumbled upon a pair/brand I love!  (If you’re from Texas- I know you love Bucees too.) The brand is called Peepers, and they are such a great frame shape, I love them!  The majority of the Peepers frames are more square and round and less rectangular.

These are my exact frames.  You can really see the width difference here:

how to make glasses cases

The Peepers readers don’t come with an eyeglass pouch so to keep them from getting all scratched up, I wanted to make a cute soft eyeglass case for my purse.

This little eyeglass case is super easy to make (I’m talking like less than 5 minutes) and works great as a sunglass pouch too!

cute soft eyeglass cases

My favorite fabric for these little sunglass cases is fleece, but almost anything that doesn’t fray will work.  (This project is a perfect addition to my last post, 37 ways use up leftover fleece – so I guess we should make it 38, lol.)

how to make a sunglass pouch

If you want to use quilting cotton or another fabric that frays, these little halloween treat bags are made very similarly, but the top edges of the pouch are folded in to keep them from fraying.

This would be an excellent project for beginner sewist or to make and sell.  I can just picture a bunch of them in cute fabric prints or solids, maybe embroidered with winky eyelashes.

how to make an eyeglass pouch

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DIY Glasses Case Sewing Instructions:

Project tips:

  • The glasses case / sunglass pouch size given below is for a standard size pair of glasses.  If you are making a pouch for an oversized pair, you will want to increase the width of the fabric piece.
  • Make sure to use the appropriate needle for fabric used.
  • You can use whatever type of cording you like, but I thought the “grabbi-ness” of the cotton bakers twine worked great in keeping the pouch closed.

Materials needed for glasses case:

  • 7.5 inch tall by 6.5 inch wide piece of fleece or other non-fraying fabric
  • about 15 inches of cord (I used several types and actually prefer the bakers twine)
  • basic sewing supplies like this rotary blade and mathandy quilters ruler, and


Steps for making a soft glasses case:

Lay fabric piece out flat.  Fold top edge over 5/8 inch and sew a quarter inch from bottom edge.


Fold fabric right sides together and trim the corner piece off as shown:

Use a loop turner (or safety pin) to pull the cord through the casing.

Line the fabric up again and sew along the side and bottom of the pouch.

Tie cord into a knot and trim.

Flip pouch right side out and you are done!

sunglass pouch

So cute!  (and that Luxe purple fleece is so soft!!)

Let me know if you end up making any of these.  You can tag me on Instagram with #scatteredmompatterns or share a photo to my facebook group here.

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  1. Gregory A Anderson says:

    I’m keeping an eye out now, today, as I bag up material for moving my sewing pile. This is a great project and most of my kin and friends where glasses of some sort. Woo Hoo. Thank you for the clear project.

    1. I agree it’s a great stashbuster! I have not found all of my embroidery hoops from our move (still have lots of unpacked boxes in my craft room) but as soon as I do, I’m kind of excited to embroider names ‘n such on some of my pouches.

  2. suzann Hembree says:

    This is so cute! Simple enough to make a whole slew of these sweet cases for the next girls trip to the beach!
    Thank you so much

  3. Eileen Marx says:

    In the picture of the clipped one corner, shouldn’t it be clipped both corners? Hard to pull the cording thru without both corners clipped.

    1. Yes, fold the fabric piece right sides together and cut through the corner as shown in the photo. ( Since the fabric is folded in half you are cutting through 2 corners at once. ) Sorry if that is not clear.

  4. Chelle Chapman says:

    These are SEW cute Jaime!!! Thank you for the instruction!!

    1. No problem, they are really fun to make!