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Tiny Crochet Hearts (w/ pattern)

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Are you looking for a quick and easy crochet project? These tiny crochet hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The hearts can be made in just a few minutes and are so cute! Plus, the free pattern makes them perfect for beginners.

tiny crochet hearts pattern

Tiny Crochet Hearts

I’ve spent the last week hunting down the perfect mini crochet heart pattern for a new project for Valentine’s Day. (hair clips)  I tried multiple tutorials but wasn’t getting the results I was looking for.  Most of the hearts were turning out too big, and I couldn’t get a few of them to turn out quite right.

After making something over and over in different ways, you start to understand a little more about how it’s put together.  Most of the hearts I made were fairly simple, and it finally occurred to me to try a different combination of smaller stitches…  

Sucess!! So, if you are looking for a super fast tiny crochet heart pattern (less than an inch), then this pattern is exactly what you need.

Make these super easy Teeny Tiny crochet hearts! #Crochet #hearts

What Can I Do with Tiny Crochet Hearts?

From wedding favors to tiny hanging gifts, so many things can be done with these tiny hearts!

They make the perfect embellishment for gifts and cards, adding a touch of charm and sweetness. They can be easily attached to a sweater lapel, giving it a delightful pop of color and style. Not only that, but they also look absolutely adorable when attached to hair clips and keychains, making them a versatile accessory that can be enjoyed in various ways!

Crochet Heart Patten Tips

  • You can use any size of yarn and hook, but the thicker the yarn, the larger your hearts will be.
  • For these hearts, it’s essential to pay attention to your stitches and keep them all the same tension. If a few stitches are too tight or loose, the heart will look a little wonky (one side will be larger than the other).
  • Because the hearts are so small, there isn’t much room for variation in the stitch tension. After you make a couple, you will be able to whip them out in just a few minutes each.
how to make tiny crochet hearts

Crochet Abbreviations:

  • Ch: Chain
  • SL ST: Slip Stitch
  • DC: Double Crochet
  • HDC: Half Double Crochet

How To Make Tiny Crochet Hearts

Tiny Crochet Hearts Instructions:

Yarn used:  Caron Simply Soft, medium weight (4)
Crochet Hook used: 4 mm
Tip:– For the tiniest heart, whatever yarn you end up using, I suggest using a hook slightly smaller than recommended.  (The Caron Simply Soft recommends a 5mm and I used a 4mm.)


  1. Make a magic circle/ring, (Click the link for a tutorial for a magic circle, but you will make the loop around your hand.) Then CH 2.
  2. Make all of the following stitches through the center of the magic ring:
  3. Two DC, two HDC, one DC, two HDC, two DC, CH two, SL ST through the magic ring.
  4. Pull the magic ring closed.  Give the bottom or top edge of the heart a tug if needed.  Weave in loose ends.

To make the little hair clips, I used a snap clip with a small hole on the end and hand-sewed the heart on with coordinating thread. (The hearts would also be adorable on a little bobby pin. I would use one like this and probably sew the heart to a small piece of felt and then glue the felt to the circle.)

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  1. Thank you very much for this delightful tiny heart. It’s perfect for those tiny projects. Super easy to do.

  2. So cute! I attached them the ties for Valentines bags!

  3. I haven’t weaved in the ends yet, but they’re adorable!

  4. So cute! Perfect for Valentines day.

  5. Thank you! I’m a knitter who needed a tiny heart to cover a mistake ….. this is perfect and easy.

  6. Amanda Smith says:

    Many thanks for sharing. This simple pattern is just what I have been looking for to add some tiny heart appliques to a baby shawl I have made.

  7. thank you for sharing Ive also been trying to work out how to make tiny hearts for hair clips . I am making them for the staff aged care facility that care for my mother for Christmas thank you again .

  8. Christine Riha says:

    Thank you for this pattern. Just made the cutest tiny heart that I want to use on an animals face, which I crocheted.

  9. Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for.

  10. Chris Pankhurst says:

    Much easier than i thought, I’m new to crochet. I made 2 and sewed them onto a pair of mittens i made for my granddaughter. They look so cute, thank you x

  11. These are so awesome! Thanks so much! I used one on an amigurumi unicorn for my daughter. It was just the right touch!

  12. Andrea Ruddick says:

    A friend asked me to make some hearts as she makes pairs of toys for people who are in hospital, and whose families can’t visit at the moment. They have one and the family have the other. I found your lovely pattern and made 48 in an evening, thank you so so much from us and the families xxx

  13. Bethany Gwinn says:

    These are perfect. However, what do I do to finish this off after pulling tightly to close the circle…?

    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      I just tie a little knot, weave in the ends and trim.

  14. like you I had searched all over for a tiny heart and none suited me until I hit on your pattern– very clever you figured that one out and it is now my favorite tiny heart! TY! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  15. Joan LeClair says:

    I finally conquered the MAGIC circle while making little hearts.
    Plan to use them on baby hats, make some burrets, use some on a heart shaped wreath along with flowers, and think I could make neat book marks with them as well.
    Thanks for the inspiration! So pleased

  16. Hi would it be okay if I used your pattern to make some hair pins to sell at a local craft fair please? 🙂

  17. These are exactly what I needed for my baby beanies. So tiny but easy to make. Thanks for sharing.