Crash! Smash! Boom! The Best Toys for Boys (ages 8 to 13)

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Need an idea for an awesome gift for an eight to thirteen-year-old boy that’s NOT a video game or electronic gadget? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out today’s post!

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Non-Electronic Gift Ideas for Boys ages 8 to 13.

Choosing the right gifts for kids can be quite a difficult thing to do, even when it’s your own child or grandchild!

You want to give a meaningful gift -something other than money, but you also want the gift to be something they’ll use and/or play with.  And of course, if you’re anything like me, you also would prefer the gift to NOT be an electronic device!  Don’t get me wrong, both my kids have phones, tablets, and a computer, but I do try to limit the use of the electronics at home, waiting rooms, travel, special occasions (like sleepovers) and as a reward.

I’m not exposed to the same advertising campaigns the kids are. (Sorry…  no cartoons or kid related YouTube videos for me, lol.) Which means I’m not really up on the latest trends, toys, and gadgets all the kids are currently interested in or playing with.  This makes it a bit difficult to come up with new gifts ideas. AND I KNOW, based on the calls and texts from family members and other mothers around holidays and birthdays, that I’m not the only one that feels this way. 

Talk about good timing – the makers of BEYBLADE BURST, reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in getting my son to test out the latest BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE toy produced by Hasbro. I didn’t really know what BEYBLADE was about, so I clicked on the video they sent over and was really excited about what I saw.  Not just because my son’s birthday was less than a month away, but because I knew he would really enjoy playing with the BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE tops with his sister, his dad, and all his friends.

BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE products come with a whole new and evolved set of features that let “Bladers” customize their BEYBLADE tops even further for epic battles in the Beystadium.  (If you do purchase a BEYBLADE BURST product as a gift, make sure to include a Beystadium as you can’t battle without one!)

BeyBlade Burst


The BEYBLADE BURST tops are put together with 3 layers of which you mix and match to make your own customized BEYBLADE.

There are 4 types of BEYBLADE BURST tops: Attack, Stamina, Defense, and Balance.  With over 20 different styles of tops, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, there are countless different combinations possible for your child to build their own special BEYBLADE BURST top.

Non-Electronic Gift Ideas for Boys ages 8 to 13.

Non-Electronic Gift Ideas that Boys (age 8 to 13) love!

All of us have had a blast holding our own BEYBLADE BURST competitions!  The way you battle is: place the Beystadium on the floor, load your BEYBLADE BURST top onto your BEYBLADE BURST launcher, then holding the launcher over the stadium…  3, 2, 1… LET IT RIP!  Both opponents pull the ripcords on their launcher and LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

Non-Electronic Gift Ideas that Boys (age 8 to 13) love!

To keep the kids even more enthused about their BEYBLADE BURST Tops, there is the BEYBLADE BURST EVOLUTION series airing on Disney XD every Saturday at 8:30 AM with reruns throughout the week! The main character, Valt, and his friends battle against each other to become the best Bladers in the world!  Your kids can watch BEYBLADE BURST and BEYBLADE BURST EVOLUTION content on the official YouTube channel. Watch episodes here!

There is even a BEYBLADE BURST WORLD TOUR, which takes place in regions around the world.  BEYBLADE BURST masters, ages 8-13 compete regionally in head-to-head competitions across the globe. The winners will go on to represent their countries at the 2018 BEYBLADE BURST World Championship, which will be held at Kidexpo in Paris on November 3rd.

Check out all the fun we’ve been having with our BEYBLADE BURST tops:

Now it’s your turn!  What do you think, is this a toy your child would enjoy? Sound off in the comments below.


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  1. My 5 and 7 year olds are asking for this… is there any reason the would be “too young”?

    1. once they learn how to pull the little ripcords, they’ll love it!

  2. My son would love every single one of these toys. He just received a bay blades set and hasn’t stopped playing with it!

  3. Toughcookiemommy says:

    My younger son loves beyblade. I think there is something exciting about the competition with these toys.

  4. My nephew loves his Beyblade! I know he still asks his mom to get him newer, “more powerful” models so he could compete with his friends. I will send this link over to my sister. I know she’d get this for her son.

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I remember my boys playing with Beyblade when they were kids. I had no idea they were still available now. The new versions look pretty cool. I hope they will still be around when my grandson gets to be 8 years old!

  6. Melanie Payne says:

    Oh that looks like a ton of fun! My son would have liked that a few years ago! They always make the cool stuff after the kids grow up, ha

  7. Heather Johnson says:

    My little brother was totally into Beyblade when he was little. I bet my son will like the toys too when he is older.

  8. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says:

    I remember when Beyblades first came out, my oldest son did give them a try. I didn’t realize they were still making them or that there was a show.

  9. These look like so much fun. My son is a little young but my 9 year old daughter would like this toy.