Girl’s Kimono-Style Topper Tutorial (How to Sew a Kimono Topper in girl’s sizes 3 to 16)

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Learn how to sew a Kimono Style Topper for girls with this fast and easy sewing tutorial.  The tutorial includes measurements for girls sizes 3 to 16!

Girls Kimono Tutorial (how to sew a Kimono)

DIY Girl’s Kimono-Style Topper

This free Kimono-style pattern is not really a pattern per say, but a set of measurements (you are just cutting out a rectangle of fabric and a small neckline, so creating a pattern to print seemed like a waste of resources since that printer ink is so pricey.)

Girls Kimono Tutorial (how to sew a Kimono)

I love the Kimono-style Topper I made for myself last year and wear it all the time.  My missy loves the style of the top and has been requesting that I make her one too. 

She’s already taken possession of this kimono-style bathing suit cover-up I made a few years ago, but she wanted in this style too.

Girls Kimono Tutorial (how to sew a Kimono topper)

We were at Charming Charlie’s (If you’re not familiar with them, they are a little chain boutique full of inexpensive women’s jewelry and accessories.)  They are located right next door to where I get my hair done, so we always pay them a visit after my hair appt. On this trip, we came across this darling kitty cat print scarf, on sale.  I showed it to my missy, and of course, she loved it.  I suggested we make a Kimono out of it and she was all over that idea, lol.

DIY Kimono tutorial for tweens (how to sew a kimono)

When I was determining the length needed for the girl’s kimono topper pattern, I really wanted it to be just a smidge shorter, but she insisted the kimono be just a few inches longer. 

I let her win; it was going to be her Kimono after all! The measurements I’ve provided below should hit right at the crotch line. (Ugh, I hate the term “crotch” – I can’t think of another term that fits, maybe “low hip”?  What do you think the appropriate term is to use for a garment that hits at crotch level?  Y’all leave me some comments, and maybe I will edit the description, lol.

Girls Kimono Tutorial (how to sew a Kimono)

This little Kimono Topper makes a great little bathing suit cover-up, but will also be handy for when school starts back up in the fall.

How to sew a Kimono for girls

Girls Kimono Tutorial (sewing projects for tweens)

Pattern info:

Suggested fabrics:

Flowy rayon, lightweight, flowy knits, gauze, chiffon, georgette (my favorite way to make a kimono is to  use a lightweight scarf w/ the right dimensions – the scarves are usually the best fabric!)


Fit Chart: (height, in inches)

3: 38.5
4: 41.5
5:  44.5
6: 46.5
7:  51
8:  53
10:  55
12:  57.5
14: 60
16:  62.5


Materials needed:


Fabric cutting guide, including hem allowances (width by height, in inches):

3: 24.625 x 31
4: 25.875 x 33.5
5:  26.875 x 36
6:  28 x 38.5
7:  29.5 x 39.75
8:  30.5 x 41.25
10:  31.5 x 42.75
12:  32.5 x 44.75
14: 33.5 x 46.75
16:  34.5 x 48.75


Sewing instructions:

1. Cut fabric into rectangle according to the chart above. 2. Fold fabric in half. (short sides together) 3. Find the center of the fabric and cut a 2-inch neckline and cut all the way down to the bottom of the fabric.

The fabric looks like this when unfolded:

4.  Sew a narrow hem around the neckline, bottom, and sides of the fabric.  (The neck line will be tricky on the smaller sizes.  I recomend using the wash away tape to help hem the neckline.)

5. To make the sleeves, measure 1/3 down from the top of the sleeve and sew a 1-inch straight stitch at the side seam.  Repeat on the other side. 6. Add trim along the bottom if desired and you are done!

Girls Kimono Tutorial (how to sew a Kimono)

If you end up making one of these, be sure to come back and share a photo on my facebook page or tag me on Instagram, using #scatteredmompatterns!

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  1. How would you make this pattern lonHer

    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      Sorry, I don’t understand what you are asking?

  2. I’m not sure I understand the fold and cut instructions — won’t it cut the fabric in half? Or do I only cut one side of the folded fabric?

  3. Sheila Robson says:

    Yeah! thank you for the nice idea.
    How about Panty line? As in Visible Panty Line.) But I don’t have a problem with crotch as it’s descriptive. Whereas my Mom would have whopped me for using a word like Bummies, which everyone seems happy to call kids’ knickers nowadays. (It even upsets me writing the word. B – U – M was probably the RUDEST rude word I knew when I was 6.)

  4. Jojo Sewist says:

    . I like the sound of “high point of inseam”. Anyway, I had a good laugh about it and a few other anatomical terms that make me cringe and I am no prude.

  5. Ashley kelly says:

    For a term I would just say : “the length stops at the inner hip bone or inner thigh area”. Lol I have yet to describe this region to someone.

  6. A friend always referred to “the crouch” in our high school sewing class. She must have been misreading the term, but I’ve used “crouch” ever since.

  7. Sandra.loree says:

    I have to be really slow. I have a question. Do you sew up the side seams?

  8. Gotta find a similar fabric for this tutorial. Thank you for sharing! Just realize that my kids have not had any kimono yet.

  9. This is just what I was looking for ,, thank you so much !!! AndI refer to it as the ”crotchola “lol lol ?

  10. How about calling it “The Tip Of the Tail Bone”.

  11. Do you think serging the edges of the neckline would work also?

    1. Definitely, I considered doing it that way too.

  12. Chrysanthemum says:

    Perfect timing. I want to make a easy to sew cover-ups for the grandkids after swimming. I think I can repurpose some beach towels… or!!!!

  13. I had to giggle at your predicament…You could refer to it as being slightly below hip level, or level with where the upper inseam begins. Love your pattern!

  14. Lovely and practical! And we certainly know what you are talking about when you say crotch…sometimes being clear trumps delicacy! Thanks!!

  15. Thank you for sharing the sizing! I have a couple of girls who would love this. Now to watch the scarf clearances.

  16. Love this, thank you. Once my family sees it, I will probably be making many.

  17. “Pelvic region” “groin”

    1. Groin is just as bad, lol!

    2. Judy Graham says:

      High inseam ?????