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Girl’s Kimono Tutorial (How to sew a Kimono in girl’s sizes 3 to 16)

Learn how to sew a Kimono for girls with this easy Girl’s Kimono Tutorial.  The tutorial includes measurements for girls sizes 3 to 16!

Girls Kimono Tutorial (how to sew a Kimono)

This free Kimono pattern is not really a pattern per-say, but a set of measurements (you are just cutting out a rectangle of fabric and a small neckline, so creating a pattern to print seemed like a waste of resources since that printer ink is so pricey.)

Girls Kimono Tutorial (how to sew a Kimono)

I love the Kimono I made for myself last year and wear it all the time.  My missy loves the style of the kimono and has been requesting that I make her a kimono too.  She’s already taken possession of this kimono/bathing suit cover up I made a few years ago, but she wanted in this style too.

Girls Kimono Tutorial (how to sew a Kimono topper)

We were at Charming Charlie’s (If you’re not familiar with them, they are a little chain boutique full of inexpensive women’s jewelry and accessories.)  They are located right next door to where I get my hair done, so we always pay them a visit after my hair appt.

On this trip, we came across this darling kitty cat print scarf, on sale.  I showed it to my missy, and of course, she loved it.  I suggested we make a Kimono out of it and she was all over that idea, lol.

DIY Kimono tutorial for tweens (how to sew a kimono)

When I was determining the length needed for the girl’s kimono pattern, I really wanted it to be just a smidge shorter, but she insisted the kimono be just a few inches longer.  I let her win; it was going to be her Kimono after all!

The measurements I’ve provided below should hit right at the crotch line. (Ugh, I hate the term “crotch” – I can’t think of another term that fits, maybe “low hip”?  What do you think the appropriate term is to use for a garment that hits at crotch level?  Y’all leave me some comments, and maybe I will edit the description, lol.

Girls Kimono Tutorial (how to sew a Kimono)

This little Kimono Topper makes a great little bathing suit cover-up, but will also be handy for when school starts back up in the fall.

Girls Kimono Tutorial (sewing projects for tweens)

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How to sew a Kimono for girls

Pattern info:

Suggested fabrics:
Flowy rayon, lightweight, flowy knits, gauze, chiffon, georgette (my favorite way to make a kimono is to  use a lightweight scarf w/ the right dimensions – the scarves are usually the best fabric!)


Fit Chart: (height, in inches)
3: 38.5
4: 41.5
5:  44.5
6: 46.5
7:  51
8:  53
10:  55
12:  57.5
14: 60
16:  62.5


Materials needed:


Fabric cutting guide, including hem allowances (width by height, in inches):
3: 24.625 x 31
4: 25.875 x 33.5
5:  26.875 x 36
6:  28 x 38.5
7:  29.5 x 39.75
8:  30.5 x 41.25
10:  31.5 x 42.75
12:  32.5 x 44.75
14: 33.5 x 46.75
16:  34.5 x 48.75

Sewing instructions:

1. Cut fabric into rectangle according to the chart above.

2. Fold fabric in half. (short sides together)

3. Find the center of the fabric and cut a 2-inch neckline and cut all the way down to the bottom of the fabric.

The fabric looks like this when unfolded:

4.  Sew a narrow hem around the neckline, bottom, and sides of the fabric.  (The neck line will be tricky on the smaller sizes.  I recomend using the wash away tape to help hem the neckline.)

5. To make the sleeves, measure 1/3 down from the top of the sleeve and sew a 1-inch straight stitch at the side seam.  Repeat on the other side.

6. Add trim along the bottom if desired and you are done!

Girls Kimono Tutorial (how to sew a Kimono)

If you end up making one of these, be sure to come back and share a photo on my facebook page or tag me on Instagram, using #scatteredmompatterns!

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