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37+ Easy Fleece Sewing Projects to use up your Leftover Fleece

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If you’ve got leftover fleece just lying around, these easy fleece sewing projects are just what you need!

how to use up leftover fleece

Leftover Fleece Projects

Fleece is one type of fabric that I just love.

Maybe it’s the texture of it…maybe the warmth…or maybe that fact that it reminds me of a lumberjack and for some reason, I have a soft spot in my heart from them…but I just love using fleece.

Throughout the years, I’ve used it for a ton of different projects. I’ve created jackets, pillows, hats, animal clothing…you name it, I’ve made it!

Fleece is durable, warm, soft and can easily be cut and sewn to create a wide variety of projects.

I’ve cut it, glued it, tied it, knotted it…and truly created useful things out of it that I never thought possible.

I’ll just admit it. I’m addicted to creating with fleece. There. I’ve said it. And with these easy fleece sewing projects, you may just become addicted right along with me.,lol.

While there may not be a “Fleece Support Group” just yet, I can assure you that there’s a reason that fleece is such a trusted and used fabric in creating some really cool projects.

And if you’ve ever stepped inside a fabric store, you know that the walls and shelves are just lined with fleece that is calling your name to take them home.

Trust me, fleece talks, especially during all of the fleece sales events! It’s how I’m accumulated the mass amount of fleece sitting in my craft room at home.

However, the good news is, I’ve rounded up 37 great fleece project ideas that will put good use to all that fleece and you’ll love the outcome and look of the finished products.

37+ Easy Fleece Sewing Projects to use up your Leftover Fleece

fleece project ideas

Fleece Blankets Projects:

Easy Fleece Blanket Tutorial This one is made by hemming the edges:


No Sew Fleece Blanket – standard tying knots at the edges


Another No Sew Fleece Blanket, but this one is made by cutting a slit in the fleece and folding the ends through the slit.


Fleece Hat Patterns and Tutorials:

Simple Fleece Hat TutorialKeep the kid's ears toasty warm and learn how to make an easy fleece hat with this super easy Fleece Hat Tutorial!


Fleece Beanie Pattern


No Sew Fleece Hat Tutorial


Toddler Monster Hat Tutorial (perfect for boys!)monster fleece hat tutorial


Messy Bun Beaniefleece messy bun beanie


Toddler Ear Flap Patternfree toddler ear flap pattern


Child Cuddle Poncho/Car Seat Capecarseat poncho


Fleece Slippers and Mittens:

Fleece Mitten Patternfree fleece mitten pattern


Fleece-Lined Hand Warming Muff


Cozy Slipper Pattern


Free Slip-on Slipper Tutorial


Boot Cuff Tutorial
(This website is no longer online, but there is still a copy available on the internet archive, yay!)


Fleece Scarves:

5 Minute Fleece Scarf


Fleece Pocket Scarf


Easy Boys Fleece Scarf Tutorial


Reversible Cowl Scarf


No Sew Rainbow Scarf


Fleece Ear Warmersear warmer pattern


Another Easy Ear Warmer TutorialEasy Ear Warmer


Fleece Ponchos and Capes

No Sew Fleece Poncho for kids


Reversible Fleece Poncho Cape for toddlers


Ladies Fleece Poncho Tutorial


Asymmetrical Poncho Pattern


Fleece Cardigan Tutorial


Fleece Projects for our Fur-Babies

No Sew Fleece Rope “Bones”


DIY Fleece Pet Bed


No Sew Pet Bed


Guinea Pig Snuggle Pouch


Home Decor and other Misc Fleece projects:

Fleece Pom-Pomfleece pom poms

Fleece Travel Pillowfleece travel pillow


Sunglass/ Reading Glass Pouches


Stuffed Fox Patternstuffed fox pattern

Stuffing for Pincushions

Fleece Pillowcases


Knotted Fleece Pillows


No Sew Heart Pillow

Owl Hand Warmers


Fleece Christmas Trees


Cute Donut Pillow


Reusable Swiffer Duster


Washable Swiffer Refill pad

Which of these will you add to your list?  Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Great ideas. I have at least 12 huge bins & I need to use it up so I will be making several of your ideas. I can’t tell which pieces of fleece is no pill. I don’t want to spend too much time on something special to find out later it pulls up! I will check out your other ideas👍

  2. Margaret Hayes says:

    I love all these ideas my goal is to handmade all Christmas gifts this year.

  3. I never would have thought of these. Thank you.

  4. Chrysanthemum says:

    Shared this super list with my “quiltee friends” who may have had sewing withdrawal during annual family times, fabulous meals, and the holiday scene. Thanks so much for your collection.

  5. I just found that you can use the polyester fleece as a replacement for paper towels. Because of the fiber content mine have not stained at all. They totally rinse clear. Then again because of thr fiber content, they drain really fast which kerps down mildew.

    Yes, I loved all the ideas as well. The beanies are adorable.

  6. I liked absolutely everything. I’ve saved all the scraps from my blanket making, all the scraps from hat making so I have many, many scraps. All these patterns will truly come in good use , thank u so much. Yep, there needs to b a group on Facebook to support us fleecers.

  7. The Swiffer replacements were just what was needed, but make sure they are washed before using.

  8. I’m so glad I found this! I agree that there needs to be a group for fleece lovers! I’ve been making blankets as gifts and with my church group and donated them to a women’s shelter. I save ALL the scraps for “someday”. Now I can use them up! Thanks for the great ideas!!

  9. Fun projects and some will work with minimal equipment. A couple of small projects are sewing enough tiny pieces on a string until you have enough to make a wreath ornament for your tree., some people have made ‘monster’ soft toys and your tiny pieces can be used to make the faces, arms etc. the eyeglass case uses a small amount of fabric. THAnks for the great list, I especially liked the children’s hats.

  10. Donna Teeter says:

    I saved the links for the knotted fleece pillow, the no sew heart pillow and the no sew rainbow scarf. Thanks!

  11. I loved all the ideas. But what if you’ve got smaller scraps? Thanks!!

  12. Love all the great ideas especially the 2 Swiffer ones!