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DIY Jeweled Felt Crown (the No-Sew Version)

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How to make a no-sew felt crown.

My little princess certainly loves her crowns!  Her crowns get a lot of wear and tear. and since I usually buy them from the dollar store, they don’t last very long.  She’s been asking for a new crown lately so I thought I would make her a felt crown.

You’ll love how easy this crown is to make and has absolutely no sewing involved!

We even made a crown for our new kitty, Rocky.  (Rocky doesn’t seem too thrilled with his crown- maybe because it is pink!)

Fashion Art Projects sent me a Fashion Decorator (sold at Wal-mart) to play with and also provided  an additional Decorator to giveaway!  (Giveaway details are at the bottom of the post.)

It was perfect for decorating our crown, makes it so easy to add a little pizzazz to all types of projects.  (I used one last Halloween to help create my son’s Billy the Exterminator costume.)

I’ve put together a little tutorial if you would like to make a Felt Crown for your little one!

Materials needed:

  • Felt
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pencil/paper
  • hot glue gun
  • 1/4 or 1/2 inch elastic
  • craft Supplies to decorate the crown (I mused my fashion decorator and jeweled studs.)

Step 1:  Measuring and cutting.
Measure around your child’s head where the crown will sit.  (My daughter’s measurement was 19.5 inches.,  If you don’t have a child nearby to measure, you could refer to this chart.)
The finished crown should be be about 1/2 inch smaller than your head measurement.  Depending on the width of your felt piece, you need to determine how long of a piece of elastic to cut.  The felt piece I had was 11 inches wide.

To get the total measurement for felt plus elastic, take your head measurement, minus 1/2 inch, plus 1 inch for the seam allowances  (My daughter’s head measurement was 19.5 inches:  19 1/2 – 1/2 inch + 1 inch is our total measurement. The width of the felt was 11 inches so I cut my elastic piece 9 inches.

Fold a piece of paper in half and draw half a crown shape.  (When you unfold it, the crown cutout will be symmetrical.)

Fold your felt in half and pin the crown template to the felt.  Cut out the crown.

When you unfold the felt crown piece it will look like this:  (I laid my jewel pattern out before attaching them.)

Step 2:  Decorate your crown:
Go ahead and embellish your crown.  I used my fashion decorator, but you could also use glue or a needle and thread, what ever works for what you have.

I loved using the decorator though, it was so easy:

Step 3:  Put the crown together:
After the crown is embellished, lay the felt piece out flat on your works pace, decorated side down.  Starting in the middle of the crown, add a generous amount of glue to the BACK piece of the crown.

Matching up the crown tips, fold the front side over and squeeze together.  As you are squeezing, form the crown into a circular shape.

Keep adding glue and squeezing the crown together.  Be sure to leave a little opening to slied the elastic into the crown.

Slide the elastic piece 1/2 inch into the opening and add more glue to both sides of the elastic to secure in place.  Repeat on the other side.

Tada!   A sweet little crown…

Perfect for dress up, playtime or a fun costume!

Now for the giveaway, I have a Fashion Decorator kit with 140 nail heads and jewels, courtesy of Fashion Art Projects to give away.

Enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter form below. (US residents only…  Sorry!)  Giveaway over.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Love the skirt on her, where did you get it?

    1. I wish I could remember the name of the place… they had ridiculous good deals on petticoats! I’ll think on it and come back if I remember.

  2. This crown is fabulous. I'll have to make one for my daughter's princess party coming up. I have just become a follower to your blog. You have some great projects. I would love it if you came and visited my blog too and maybe become a follower too – http://lpcrafts.blogspot.com.au

  3. Great tutorial! The crown is just so darn pretty!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  4. I am the grandmother of almost 3 year old twin girls and am always looking for something to make for them that is fun and easy and cheap……….twins are not cheap!!!! One in pink, one in orange and they will be thrilled and crowned on their birthday.

  5. They are both so cute, but the one for the cat, ohhh I want a princess cat!( and I'm not a huge fan of cats) My daughter would love one, I think she'd want to sleep in it 🙂

  6. Very cute! My daughter would love one of these felt crown for dress up… Thanks for the tutorial…