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Cricut Infusible Ink Tote bag

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Make an Infusible Ink Tote Bag with this free “this is my clothes bag” SVG File!

I’ve got some really exciting news to share today… I am giving away a brand-new Cricut Explore Air 2! (Scroll to the bottom for the entry form – You must have a US mailing address for me to ship to.)  Sorry, giveaway is over.

win this Cricut

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a post a few weeks back about my new Cricut Explore Air 2 and the insulated wine glasses I customized with vinyl. (They’re so cute! I’m planning a blog post next week about the wine glasses and the designs I created and used, so stay tuned for that.)

Cricut had reached out asked if I wanted to participate on Instagram in the launch of an exclusive version of the Explore Air 2 available only at Walmart. I said of course, but I didn’t have a Cricut. (only a competitors machine)

So not only did they send me a new Cricut, but they also sent me a second Cricut to give away to my blog readers!

Can you believe it? I’m so excited to be able to give one away to you guys!

So, thank you Cricut!

Cricut Explore Air 2

This machine does tons of stuff – I can’t even begin to explain it all. 

But one of the things that caught my eye is the new Infusible Ink.

Instead of the ink sitting on top of the fabric like heat transfer vinyl, the infusible ink is “infused” into the fabric, so it will never peel off. 

You can also draw your own designs on inkjet paper with the infusible ink markers and transfer that to fabric as well.

As of right now, for best result, you have to use the fabrics and blanks from Cricut, but I bet there will be other options very soon.

My First Infusible Ink Project

I was starting to get a bit overwhelmed with all of the ideas of what my first infusible ink project should be, but then I attended the Middle School Girls Athletic meeting and found out that the 7th-grade girls have athletics first period. And individual sports practice starting at 6:30 am!

Oh man, do I feel sorry for these girls…  I had athletics first period when I was a senior.  Both cross country and basketball had practice before school and it was rough!  Oh well, it builds character, right? (Although I’m pretty sure I napped multiple times a week during 4th period that year.)

Since practice is so early, the girls have to show up at practice on time and in their PE uniforms. They will bring their regular clothes with them to change after athletics.

Which means my little missy needs a new tote bag to pack her clothes in each night for the next day.   

Infusible Ink Tote Bag

Yea! An Infusible Ink tote bag would be perfect! 

Cricut has a couple of different size tote bags to choose from, so I grabbed the biggest one to hold her clothes and shoes.

The Cricut Design Space is really a great place to design words and phrases, plus they have quite a few designs and fonts available for you to work with.

I actually own a commercial license for about 500 fonts that I can use to create items to sell and giveaway so I went ahead and designed a couple of phrase choices for her tote bag in photo shop and just imported the .jpg file in to the design space.

This is My Clothes Bag

And …. This is the design she chose!

I have the SVG available for download if you would like to have it, here.

Transferring the design to the tote was fairly easy and I can’t believe how cute it turned out. I love how saturated the colors are. There will be no mistaking her tote bag for someone else’s!

The perfect bag for her clothes, don’t you think?

I will be giving away the Cricut Explore Air 2 Shown above, plus a couple of rolls of vinyl from my personal stash to get you started and a weeding tool.

To be eligible for the giveaway, you MUST BE 18 AND HAVE A CONTINENTAL US MAILING ADDRESS.

Enter via the rafflecopter below:


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  1. Mel Roberts-Hareld says:

    No matter where I am, in the world, Texas will always be where my roots were planted and where my heart will always be. ♥️ I’m new to your blog and look forward to trying to keep up to date. I saw Cricut’s Fusible Ink display, with a sample tote bag to look at (and FEEL… ohmygosh!) at a local Fort Worth Michael’s, the other day, while picking out a color of Cricut’s HTV(my #verybestgoodfriend has the Explore Air 2, and was helping me learn to use it, for a special project I wanted to do, for my Mama…that machine is pretty amazing!) I have my original Cricut Expression, so to see what was new absolutely bowled me over! I may be considering a new, designated space, in my craft studio, now ?

  2. This would be a dream cone true. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I had the original cricut and loved using it. Would love to get this one.

  4. Lynette Pruett says:

    I’ve been wanting to get an electronic cutting machine, but have not yet because of the cost. I would love to win this Cricut!

  5. Ann MacDonald says:

    That would be a great prize to win but it is only open to the USA. I would be sooo happy if you could open it up to Canada some day.

  6. Glenda Hyde says:

    WOW , What a AWESOME giveaway this is ! Would so love to win this Cricut ! Love the way your clothes bag out , It`s Gorges . Thank you for to opportunity to enter ! PS , You have some really great recipies ! GOOD luck everyone !

  7. Awesome giveaway! I have a competitor brand which I love. I’ve had it for quite sometime but would love to try a Cricut.

  8. I am super excited about the give away. Having a Cricut would be a game changer for me. I loved the bag.

  9. Thanks for a fun post. And the giveaway. Your bag turned out super cute. I can’t imagine PE at 7:00 am. Yikes! Good luck to your daughter this year.

    I have the original Silhouette Cameo (circa 2012) and it has only been this summer that I have been brave enough to use it. Now that I’ve overcome the fear factor, I’m having fun, but naturally I’m finding that everyone is moving to the Cricut. I would welcome more tutorials and blog posts for the Silhouette (and Cricut), creating your own designs, and tricks and techniques that make the process easier.

  10. Becci Bartz says:

    WOW! So cool! I would love to win a Cricut! My D-I-L just got one and she makes some of the coolest stuff!
    I too do not Tweet, so I’m hoping the two entries I got will be enough….fingers crossed!!

  11. Karen Propes says:

    I have wanted a Cricut for so long. I continue to save all these neat projects that people make with the Cricut on Pinterest. It would be great to do the project you showed us with the tote bag. This is something I can show my Granddaughter how to use and make projects also. I could also start with the projects I have saved.
    Thank you so much for the chance.

  12. vonda bisha says:

    i would love this so much lost my husband recently need something new to get on with life

  13. I have longed for a Cricut since the very first model came out years ago. I even hinted to my husband that I could use this for so many things- suggesting one for a birthday or Mother’s Day present… or for our anniversary or Christmas… to no avail. Sure would love to win this.. could teach my grand-children all about it and how to use it too. I would also love to show it to my friends and neighbors. Thanks for the chance or winning the whole package..that would be a dream come true! 🙂

  14. Renea Yarolim says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Your bag is sew cute

  15. Lisa Greer says:

    I have wished for a Cricut machine for several years. I thought I had my husband talked into it, and I mistakenly thought I was getting it for a special holiday, but I didn’t. Winning this one would be very nice !

  16. I would love to have one of these – the new ones can do so many things. The vinyl and the infusible ink look like a lot of fun. I had an old mini Cricut and of course now it’s not useable. Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. margie cook says:

    some day you will remember the early mornings with your child and think how fast it went. I was lucky enough to have a grandmother to explain it all to me. I remember hot summers, getting my children to hot gyms[basketball], swim team, baseball, softball, then soccer, track, basketball[again], clubs, decorating on and on. it was busy ,crazy, and fun. enjoy it. you get to know you children and they get to know you. you get to know their friends etc. try going to bed a few mins. early, or taking a quick nap. I was the queen of 15 min. naps. most of all realize that your children are having the same adjustment. have fun ,make memories

    1. I finally broke down and bought some blackout window treatments for my bedroom today, in hopes I’ll be able to nap a little bit!

  18. Donna Corley says:

    I’ve been looking at these for a good while now.. Wishing I could afford one!! This would be so much fun creating new things for all of my grandbabies..
    Good luck to everyone! I would so love to win this!!

  19. Jayne Miller says:

    I have the original Cricut!! Time to upgrade!!

  20. Olga Torres says:

    Can you use the in-fusible ink transfer paper with older models of Cricut? I cant seem to find the answer anywhere.
    Would love to get my hands on a new one, thanks for the opportunity.

    1. You can definitely use the infusible ink transfer paper because all you’re doing is cutting the design out of the paper that already has ink on it (you still have to weed it.) And as long as your cricut can draw with a pen you can also draw out your own design and transfer that to the infusible inc blanks.

  21. I have done all sorts of crafting but haven’t ever tried anything like what a Cricut can do! It looks like an amazing machine!

  22. Carolyn Oliver says:

    I owned a child care facility for 25 years. We went through several Cricuts. I never got to use any of them. Staff always had some project for their classroom that needed the Cricut. As soon as it came back to my office, it went right back out!

  23. Was your previous cutter a Cameo Silhouette? I have one that has not been working. I need to replace it and this Cricut looks like a great option!

    1. Yes, I had the original one that I got as a black friday deal about 7 years ago. This one really is nicer. Everything is wireless and automatic, so you don’t have to change the blade depth by hand. I think the Cricut design space is a bit easier to use. (although a while back I purchased the silhouette designer/business software so I could save designs as an svg and I did use it to create the svg to give away in this post. I don’t think you can do that with Cricut software.) I still have my silhouette and it works great. I think I am going to donate it to our school. I just can’t decide between the high school and middle school, lol.

  24. Alison Myers says:

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway and the chance to win! Your bag came out super cute and their are so many awesome things you can do with a Cricut! ?

  25. Joyce Godwin says:

    Been lookin at these for a while!

  26. Jennifer Cooper says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to work a great product!! I have been trying to save for quite some time to get one but everytime I think I’ve got it, something comes up that is more important so I have to start all over again.

  27. I have wanted a Circuit for SO long, but just couldn’t justify the expense. I am very excited about this give-away!

  28. Very cute! I have a daughter who would love those colors!!! Some day I’ll go for one of these little machines!

  29. Dawn Ellen Roberts says:

    I don’t tweet or use pinterest, so how would I get extra entry options