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10 Snack Ideas Kids will ask for again and again!

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As a mom of 2 hungry kiddos, I am frequently tasked with the mission of coming up with new, yummy and nutritious after-school snacks.  

Today, I’m sharing a quick roundup of 10 Creative After School Snack Ideas that your kids will ask for again and again. (Bonus: most of these snack ideas can be tossed together in just a few minutes with everyday ingredients!)


10 amazing after school snack ideas kids will love

Healthy After School Snack Ideas

When my kids come in the door after a long day of school and riding home on the bus, I want to have healthy snacks available for them to grab and eat without too much hassle or prep work on my part.

Coming up with good, nutritious after-school snacks every day is not always easy.  

The kids have a few favorite snacks but they also like it when I mix up the snack menu.  

I’ll admit it though, sometimes there are days when I’m busy or we’re out and about and I cave and just give them a handful of cereal or prepackaged snack bar of some type.

I try to keep my grab-and-go snack station stocked for times when we are running out the door, but I also keep quite a few fun ideas in my pocket that I can whip up in a short amount of time or options that I can prep ahead of time.

Creative After School Snacks

Ready for those deliciously Creative Snack Ideas?  Here are 10 of our favorite snack ideas that can be tossed together on the fly to help get your snack inspiration flowing! (The chia seed pudding is the only one that requires prepping ahead, but the good thing about that recipe is that you can make several at a time to keep on hand.)

10 Creative Snack Ideas:

1. Toast or Graham Crackers topped with cream cheese and fresh fruit or jelly.

My missy especially loves cream cheese topped with homemade peach jam as an after-school snack, but any fruit or jelly works. (she also loves cream cheese and jelly sandwiches in her lunches.)

After School snack idea: Fruit and cream cheese on graham crackers

2. Apples and graham crackers with a yogurt and Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

Everybody loves this peanut butter dip! Sweet, creamy, and perfect for dipping fruit and graham crackers. This dip makes for a perfect after-school snack.

peanut butter dip is everyone's fave after school snack

3. Fruit with a Healthy Chocolate Dip

Sweet and chocolatey, plus you’ll never guess the secret healthy ingredient used in this dip! (Try to guess before you click the link, I bet you can’t guess it!)  

You'll never guess what is in this healthy after School snack!

4.  Yogurt and fruit bowls.

These yogurt and fruit bowls can be dressed up with all sorts of yogurt flavors and fun add-ins!  My fave is vanilla yogurt with banana slices, peanut butter and graham cracker crumbles, but if you are a grapefruit fan, you have to check out the Sunrise Special!  These yogurt bowls are not only great as an afterschool snack, but they also make a delicious breakfast!

!o creative after school snack ideas

5.  Healthy Fruit Smoothies.

This post has 10 Smoothie Ideas for under 150 calories.  These delicious smoothies are full of fruit and will satisfy almost any craving! These are definitely my favorite snack.

smoothies are a great after school snack

6.  Chia Seed Pudding.

I love Chia seep pudding!  So many ways to dress it up and it’s so good for you.  This snack idea requires a bit of pre-snack prep, but you can make a big batch of the pudding and store it in individual serving-sized containers.

snack ideas

7.  Hummus with veggies or pita chips.

We love the roasted red pepper hummus we get from the store with baby carrots, but I also have a great white bean hummus recipe here.

hummus makes a great after school snack

8. Boiled eggs with fruit or veggies.

I  recently bought one of those countertop egg cookers.  My son loves to use it and he is constantly making boiled eggs for everyone. He makes a bit of a mess peeling the eggs, but I don’t mind since they are healthy. (We especially love eggs and cherry tomatoes as a quick snack.)

snack ideas

9. Apple slices topped with peanut butter and fun toppings.

Can I say, this is the most popular after-school snack?  Everyone around here loves peanut butter and by adding a bit of walnut and chocolate chips, It is almost like a dessert, but so good for you with all that protein, healthy fats, and a bit of fiber.

after school snack idea: apples and peanut butter

10. Thinly sliced deli meat and cheese stick roll-ups.

Use any combo of meat and cheese and add a pickle.  So yummy.  I know I have this on the afterschool snack list, but this may or may not have been my lunch today, lol.

after school snacks

Looking for some yummy make-ahead after-school snack ideas? Be sure to check these out:

I want to hear from you!  Leave a comment below sharing your (or your kid’s) favorite after-school snack.


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