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Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowls

Need a quick dinner idea for a couple of hungry kids?  You’ve got to try these Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowls!

Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowls -Kids love this simple meal!

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Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowls

What a busy, busy week it’s been! Between all the kid’s activities and squeezing 2 weeks worth of work in one week, (heading out of town for a week) I’ve also had to get the entire house cleaned and de-cluttered for hosting the family Thanksgiving festivities at my house when we get back from our trip.

Needless to say, there were not a lot of home-cooked meals last week.

Due to lack of time and an attempt to keep my kitchen semi-clean, I mostly put together quick meals and stuff from the freezer.

One of the items I had on hand was chicken nuggets!  (Nuggets are a freezer staple if you have little ones.)

As I was getting ready to prepare the nuggets for dinner, my daughter came into the kitchen and announced she wanted mashed potatoes! I knew there was a full box of instant mashed potatoes and at least one package of gravy in the pantry, so I thought it would be fun to make DIY Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato bowls (A-la KFC style.) Who remembers these?

kfc bowls

Can I just say these Mashed Potato Bowls were awesome!  

I prefer country gravy over brown gravy and this brand was one of the best I’ve had.  (It was a dry gravy mix- I don’t remember the brand, but I will check when I get home and update this post later. Update- it’s this one: Pioneer Brand Peppered Gravy Mix )

Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowls -Kids love this meal!

Recipe Notes:

I purposefully left the ingredient amounts blank. Just use what you have on hand. This is a recipe that is easy to “eyeball” and throw together in just a few minutes.)

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Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowls -Kids love this meal!

Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowls

  • Author: Jamie Sanders


Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowls are delicious and so easy! Kids (and adults) will gobble them up.


  • Prepared Mashed potatoes (instant or from scratch- as much as you want.)
  • Prepared Gravy (country-style or brown, your preference)
  • Chicken nuggets, cooked
  • Handful of corn
  • Shredded cheese
  • Salt and pepper


  1. In the serving bowl, mix together the Mashed Potatoes and corn.
  2. Add chicken nuggets and top with gravy.
  3. Season with salt and pepper to taste and top with shredded cheese.



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