Menu Plan Monday – 12/19

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Happy Monday everyone!  Here is our menu for the week:

Monday:  Chili and Cheese Baked Potatoes.  I ended up not a making my chili until Saturday night, so we will use the last of the leftovers on potatoes.

Tuesday:  Black Bean Soup and Quesadillas.  I need to cook up a huge pot of black beans to replenish my freezer stock, so I have this planned for Tuesday and will save a few cups to make this soup.  The recipe I am using is from my Vitamix cook book and also calls for a can of garbanzo beans.  I only have a bag of dried garbanzos in the pantry, so I guess I will cook those too.  (I can make hummus with the leftovers)

Thursday:  Creamy Pasta with Chicken and Sun-dried tomatoes.  This is just a simple pasta meal I am going to throw together using pre-cooked chicken from the freezer and some Philadelphia Cooking Creme I picked up a few weeks ago.

Friday:  We are going to Jason’s Deli with the whole crew and then my hubby and I will go see a movie while Nana and Papa take the kids on a quick shopping trip.

Saturday:  Leftovers.  We will most likely have the rest of the crockpot chicken in a salad and quesadillas.

Sunday:  Merry Christmas! We have a big holiday meal planned.  I haven’t been to the store yet, but we are leaning towards ham instead of turkey…

I will be linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at Orgjunkie.com.

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