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No Sew Fabric Flowers

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How to make No-Sew Fabric Flowers!   You’ll love how easy it is to make how to make these darling fabric flowers without any sewing!  All you need to make these easy fabric flowers is fabric, a bit of glue and a button.

no sew fabric flowers

No-Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial

I’ve been using these little no-sew fabric flowers in all sorts of projects lately.  They are perfect for embellishing small projects and make an excellent gift topper.  I used my fabric flowers as magnets for my DIY Magnet Board.

The first time I tried making a similar fabric flower, I sewed it. I thought the sewed version looked messier, so I played around with the design and came up with a new (easier) way to make a simple fabric flower embellishments that doesn’t require any sewing! (It was yo-yo flower I tried – I guess I just need more practice, lol.)

how to make fabric flowers without sewing

The best part about these easy flowers, other than the no sewing, is you can whip them out by the dozen, in just a few minutes. 

All you need is fabric, a bit of glue (I used hot glue) and a few coordinating buttons. You create a circle template, make a few folds, and secure with glue. Top with a button and that’s it!

Different circles make different sized flowers and if you have a cutting machine, you could use that to cut out your circles and save even more time.

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easy fabric flowers

Are you ready to see how to make a few flowers for yourself?

Materials Needed to Make a No-Sew Fabric Flower:

Instructions for a No-Sew Fabric Flower

1.  Trace a circle on to the back of the fabric and cut the circle out.

2.  Fold the circle into fourths and draw a little mark like what is shown below on all sides of the folded circle.  This will make a little circle in the middle.Make these adorable No Sew Fabric Flowers in less than a minute!

3.  Add a little dab of glue on the line of the little circle you drew with the glue gun.  Fold one of the edges over as shown.how to make fabric flowers no sew


how to make fabric flowers no sew

4.  Add glue and fold the other three sides up.How to make no sew fabric flowers

5.  Add glue and fold over the four pointy corners, one at a time.no sew fabric flower tutorial

no sew flowers

6.  Add a little more glue, a pretty button and you’re done! easy fabric flowers no sew

Try different size circles and bunch together for a cute look, or try stacking a small and large flower for a big impact.

How to make no sew fabric flowers

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  1. I love your ideas on the buttons for I have a lot so you have given me some ideas. Thank you!

  2. Rachel Mullins says:

    Are there supposed to be pictures? I only see the first 2 pictures (part of the intro) and ads. 😞 I’ve tried looking on my phone and laptop.

    1. Yes, there are photos for every step. They seem to be working fine now, possibly the website was glitching at the time.

  3. This looks so easy! My daughter will love to do this! Thanks for sharing!

    Missy from Dot-to-Dot Connections

  4. tonight i made one of these just to try the technique and use some scrap fabric i have… then i made 2 more! they were just so easy and darned cute! now i've completely changed some pillow cases i'm making just so i can use these flowers on them! they'll look great in my daughter's hair, too (when she grows some) 🙂 thanks!

  5. trying to make these for my daughters but mine keep coming out pretty crooked looking…any tips? thanks!

    1. If you look at the title photo, you'll see I had one that was pretty crooked too and the rest were "almost" round. They come out best if you cut a perfect circle and then find the exact middle and create a smaller circle around the middle spot and fold up to that. (See the pics above…)
      Good luck!

  6. Love these! I just made a few to complete my little girl's Jubilee outfit. So easy and cute!

    1. Forgot to mention that I added pictures of them to the Flickr group. Thanks again for sharing such a great tutorial!

  7. These are really cute, I made them into magnets for teacher gifts. I used a CD as a template and it worked perfectly, even used the center of the CD to mark the middle!

  8. These are so cute, I put a magnet inside and used them to decorate my fridge. I am thinking I can do that for all the holidays.

  9. Flowers are beautiful and easy to make. I have lots of scraps and buttons to use. I can add to scarves and hats. Thanks for the idea.

  10. Just found your blog tonight and love those flowers. Alot quicker and easier than others I've seen. Those I can make. My hands don't work too well anymore so making the flowers you have to twist and sew and all that hasn't worked too well for me. Your flowers would be a good change also to so many others I've seen. Fabric flowers are sure the "thing" now aren't they? Love it as I have lots of fabric and old buttons.
    Thanks for great tutorial.

  11. Thank you as I love to do flowers & these are so quick to do.I'll do a few xtra for the churches Easter fundraiser.

  12. Oh my gosh these are so cute and seem easy. Im going to go make some right now. I make custom dolls and these would be PERFECT added to the doll clothes or dolls hair. Thanks for posting 🙂 cutestdollsever.blogspot.com

  13. Thank you for tutorial ^_^ I will try to make this gorgeous flower at home.

  14. Oh these are adorable, and so easy. I could NOT sew anything to save my life, so these are perfect. I see a whole bunch of these on my fridge in the near future…ha! Thanks for the great idea, I pinned it as well. Have a great day!

  15. Thank you for the beautiful idea and tutorial!!!

  16. So darn cute, and easy. I will definitely be making a few hundred of these! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay!

  17. Oh I love it, you had me a no sew 🙂 Do you mind telling me what font you used in your title photo? I just checked out a book that uses that font too and I'd love to use it on some scrapbook pages, thanks!