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75 Free Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners

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Are you looking for easy quilt patterns? Then you’ll love these simple patterns I am sharing today! This collection of over 75 Free Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners is guaranteed to get you excited about quilting! (* Updated Dec 2022 to add a few new free patterns and correct any broken, outdated links!)

free quilt patterns for beginners

75+ Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners:

Did you get a new sewing machine this year? Or maybe you’re just ready to dip your toe into the world of quilting? If so, today’s post is perfect for you! I’ve rounded up over 75 fabulously free quilt patterns to share.

These easy quilt patterns for beginners will be the perfect way to get started with quilting. The best part of this free quilt pattern roundup is that many of these patterns include detailed instructions with step-by-step tutorials with photos or sometimes even a video tutorial to help you sew your quilt. Several even include free pdf quilting patterns to print.

What Makes a Quilt Pattern Perfect for a Beginner?

If you are just beginning to dabble in quilting, there are a few things I recommend looking for in a quilt pattern:

  1. Easy Quilts Patterns with straight-forward, simple piecing. Look for a pattern that is easy to assemble and uses basic shapes such as large squares or rectangles. In my opinion, your first couple of quilting projects should be fast and easy to ensure you finish them and build up your “quilting confidence”
  2. Precuts. Another suggestion for a beginner quilting pattern is one that is made using precuts. (keep reading to learn more about precut fabrics.)

Easy Quilt Patterns with Precuts

Many of the quilt designs I am sharing today are designed to use precut fabric (my favorite way to quilt.) Precuts come in various shapes (fat quarter bundles, layer cakes, jelly rolls, or charm packs.)

I personally love using precuts as they can cut your cutting and prep time in half!

Another bonus of using precuts is a selection of precuts allows you to include so many different patterns of fabric that you might not have been able to afford to add to your fabric collection if you were purchasing yardage.

quilting with precuts

Where to Purchase Precuts for Quilting

Some of my favorite places to get precuts for good prices are EtsyAmazon, and the Fat Quarter Shop.

The free quilt patterns showcased in this round-up are perfect for quilters of all skill levels, from beginner quilters to seasoned pros. (Even the most seasoned quilter likes a quick and easy project every now and then, lol.)

The good news is you don’t really need a lot of specialty supplies to get started quilting. A few basic supplies would be:

  • fabric (of course)
  • quilt batting
  • ruler, cutting mat, scissors/rotary cutter (this is a perfect cutting set for beginners)
  • iron
  • pins
  • basic sewing supplies (like a sewing machine)
free quilt patterns

There are so many beautiful quilt patterns for beginners in this round-up! Do any of the easy quilt patterns catch your eye, or maybe you’ve already sewn one? Let me know in the comments below, and have fun browsing!

Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners:

1. Easy Zig Zag Quilt Pattern

This simple quilt pattern is made using all charm packs. (5-inch squares) The beginner quilt pattern looks like it might be complicated, but the pattern uses simple techniques to make the zig-zag and comes together quickly.

quilt patterns for beginners: easy zig zag quilt pattern

2. Jelly Roll Jam Quilt Pattern

This free quilt pattern is super easy! You just sew 3 jelly roll strips together and cut them up to make the blocks!

jelly roll jam quilt is a perfect beginner quilt project

3. Seaside Square in Square from a Jellyroll Quilt

This free pattern is just a quilt block tutorial – not an actual printable pattern, but it is easy to put together a few blocks to make a quilt. Plus, it starts with a jellyroll, so even though it looks complicated, the quilt block is pretty much all straight lines! The post contains a full tutorial with step-by-step instructions, plus a video tutorial

easy quilt for beginner quilter.

4. Herringbone Quilt Pattern using half-square triangles

This easy Herringbone Quilt is made with half-square triangles! The half square triangle block is one of my favorite easy quilt blocks! It comes together soo fast since you use 10-inch fabric squares and a shortcut half-square triangle method.

easy Herringbone quilt tutorial

5. Big Heart Quilt

This heart-shaped quilt is adorable and even better, you can make it out of charm packs!

free big heart quilt pattern, mde of all squares, this is definitely a quilt that sould be on this list of free quilt patterns for beginners.

6. Make a Chevron Quilt the Easy Way

If you are looking for a fun and modern quilt pattern that is easy to sew, you will love this free Chevron Quilt tutorial. This chevron quilt is made using a layer cake and half-square triangles (layer cakes are pre-cut fabric squares that are 10 by 10-inch squares). The trick that makes it “the easy way” is a fun hack that lets you make  – four half square triangle blocks at a time.) 

beginner quilts

7. Quick and Easy Basket Weave Quilt

This simple basketweave pattern is perfect for a beginner quilter or someone who just likes a quick and easy project. The quilt pattern is designed for 10-inch precuts, but yardage works great too. The quilt top only takes a few hours to assemble and definitely belongs on this list of free quilt patterns for beginners.

quilt patterns for beginners

8. Free Pattern: Red White and Blue Basket Weave Quilt

This fun patriotic quilt is another version of the basket weave quilt from above, but instead of a single-color basket weave, the pattern calls for 2 2.5-inch strips to create the block. If you enjoy using precuts, you can use layer cakes or jelly rolls for this pattern.

free quilt patterns

9. Simple Square Blocks Quilt Pattern

The free quilt pattern is a fun way to showcase your favorite set of holiday fabrics. Designed for layer cake precuts, you will have so much fun piecing the quilt top together. What makes this quilt pattern beginner-friendly is there is not too much cutting, and keeping the blocks lined up straight and even is super easy.

free quilt patterns

10. Summer Vibes Geometric Quilt Pattern

This easy quilt pattern is made completely with squares and half-square triangles (using the 2-at-a-time method), so it is fast to put together and perfect for beginner quilters.

free beginner quilt pattern - summer vibes quilt

11. Easy Snowball Quilt Pattern

The colors in this free beginner-friendly quilt pattern are absolutely striking! This quilt uses the shortcut snowball method, so it is so much easier to assemble than it looks.

Snowball quilt pattern

12. Rainbow Blocks Quilt Pattern

The Rainbow Blocks Quilt Pattern is a bright, colorful, and oh-so-simple simple quilt pattern made using a jelly roll and a single background fabric. The free quilt pattern comes in 4 sizes and includes a free printable pdf pattern.

rainbow bloks quilt pattern

13. Double Hourglass Block Tutorial

how to make an hourglass quilt

14. Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial

Love this beginner quilt pattern, it is made using a jellyroll!


15. Straight as an Arrow Quilt Pattern

This easy quilt pattern is just half square triangles with a bit of sashing. Simple, but striking.

free quilt patterns for beginners

16. Snuggly Bricks Quilt Tutorial

super easy brick quilt for beginners

17. Classic Quilt Tutorial

This hour glass quilt pattern is classic and super easy to make!

hourglass pattern - beginner quilting pattern

18. Easy Plus Quilt Pattern

The plus quilt is made entirely of 5-inch charm squares and is super easy and fast to put together. It would make a perfect first project. I love plus quilts; they are precut-friendly and allow you to use a variety of fabrics. This pattern has a pdf pattern template andy has 3 versions to choose from!!

free plus quilt pattern - perfect for a beginner quilter

19. Hexagon Quilt Tutorial

Hexagon quilts are a bit trickier due to the angles, but this free quilt pattern tutorial shows you how to make a hexagon shape using a half-hexagon quilt ruler, which makes a perfectly easy quilt for a beginner!

beginner friendly hexagon quilt

20. Postcards From Sweeden Quilt

This easy quilt looks complicated but is made from all half-square triangles!

how to make the postcards from sweden quilt pattern

Fresh Diamonds Quilt Tutorial

This is another one of the great free quilt patterns for beginners. Made completely of half square triangles and you can use the shortcut method to get this one pieced in no time.

half square triangle quilt

Keep Scrolling For 50 More Free Quilt Patterns For Beginners!

21. Garden District Picnic Quilt

This beautiful quilt pattern for beginners uses gorgeous fabrics from Heather Bailey’s Garden District fabric line, which, unfortunately, is no longer available for sale, but my favorite fabric manufacturer, Art Gallery Fabrics, has tons of floral fabric lines available.


22. Fast Four Patch Quilt Tutorial

Four-patch quilts are easy, fast, and beginner-friendly. This one is especially easy as it combines a four-patch with a larger “patch” for less cutting and piecing, but basically the same look!

four patch quilts are fast and easy

23. Solitare Pattern

 Made with half-square triangles! (my favorite easy quilt block)

half square triangle quilt for beginners

24. Three Times Around Free Quilt Pattern

This simple triangle quilt, while still a good project for beginners, takes the assembly up a notch because you will have to offset the triangles by 1/4 inch when sewing them together. As long as you have a rule and a marking pen, you will have no issues putting together this fantastic quilt.



25. Sweet Snowball Quilt Pattern

Snowballing is a super-easy way to make a square quilt block more interesting!



26. Tuscan Cuddle Quilt Pattern

This free quilt pattern is no longer available on the Shannon fabrics site, but I was able to find a version via the internet archive. The pdf pattern link works, (I tested it) it’s just a little slow to open.


27. Jack-O-Lantern Quilt Pattern for Halloween

This free Halloween quilt pattern is a great project for a simple quilt. It is all simple squares plus a few half-square and quarter-square triangle blocks. (The post includes a video tutorial.)

free jack o lantern quilt pattern

28. Urban Baby Quilt Pattern


29. Layer Cake Lemonade Quilt Pattern

This easy quilt pattern is put together with a layer cake.


30. Cartwheel Quilt Tutorial

I know this quilt looks intricate, but it’s not, I promise! It is made with a jelly roll. The link will take a few moments to load as I had to hunt it down using the Internet archive. (so handy for broken links!)

free cartwheel quilt pattern for beginners

31. Broken Dish Quilt Tutorial

Beginner friendly quilt made completely with half-square triangles.

free quilt pattern for beginners

32. Bliss Quilt Pattern 

This is a super easy Quilt Pattern. You can print the PDF version! (This is another one I hunted down on the Internet Archive, so give it a moment, and it will automatically save to your computer.)

free quilt patterns

33. Summertime Herringbone Quilt

Another fun herringbone quilt.

summertime-herringbone-free quilt pattern

34. charm pack quilt using disappearing 9-patch quilt blocks tutorial

This gorgeous quilt starts with a nine-patch quilt block, slices it up, and sews it back together to create a new block.

35. Modern Strip Quilt – Free Quilt Pattern and Tutorial

Super easy and modern-looking beginner quilt pattern. Using solid strips of fabric, the quilt is all stripes of different sizes. Such a simple design, but the bright colors really pop on the white background, making it very eye-catching. I like that it is made with jelly rolls! (Such a time saver, but it looks yardage friendly too.) It is all straight lines which makes it a perfect project for a beginner quilter.

free beginner quilt pattern

36. Butterfly Mini Quilt Pattern


37. Refracted Quilt Tutorial

I love how these quilt blocks are put together; so interesting.


38. Peaches and Cream Quilt Pattern


39. Modular Blocks Quilt

Super easy quilt – all squares and half-square triangles.

free quilt pattern for beginners

40. Precious Gem Quilt Pattern

This blog is no longer active, but the free pattern is available via the internet archive. Just give it a few moments to load.


41. FREE Squared Quilt Pattern:

A perfect first project.

squared quilt pattern a perfect quilt for a beginner to make

42. Easy Strip Quilt

This easy strip quilt is a fantastic way to use jelly roll fabric.

a strip-quilt is a perfect quilt for beginners.

43. Patchwork Chevron Quilt Tutorial

free beginner quilt patterns

44. Circle Quilt Pattern


45. Postage Stamp Mini Quilt

This super simple patchwork quilt, is another project that is all straight lines. Perfect for a beginner quilter.


46. Strip and Flip Baby Quilt

This strip and flip baby quilt is made with Jelly rolls and is an excellent free quilt pattern for beginners.

this strip and flip baby quilt is made with Jelly rolls and is a great free quilt pattern for beginners

47. String Quilt Block Tutorial

(I’m very interested in trying this one.) I think I might make it my next quilt project.


48. Colored Happy Quilt Pattern

Free Beginner quilt patterns to download

49. Pins and Paws Quilt Tutorial


50. 4 Patch Slice Quilt Pattern


51. Petunia Strings Quilt Tutorial


52. Simple Strips, Free Quilt Pattern

53. Scrappy Strips Block Tutorial

This is just a block tutorial, but it’s easy to piece together (so perfect for beginners) plus, I love the look, and you can do so many things with it!

54. Baby Basket Quilt Pattern

I love the pastel colors in this free quilt pattern, plus it used jelly roll strips, so it is super quick to put together.

free printable quilt patterns for beginners

55. Quick Herringbone Quilt Tutorial

Give this one a minute to load, I had to track down the link on the internet archive, and the website is slow.


Don’t Quit Yet! Keep Scrolling For 25 More Beginner Quilt Patterns

56. Minimal Triangles Quilt Pattern

This free quilt pattern for beginners is made with large-scale half-square triangle blocks, so it comes together very quickly.

free triangle quilt pattern for beginners

57. Free quilt pattern: Accidental Quilt Block Tutorial (several variations w/ the block)

I love how intricate this quilt looks, but it is actually made with charm packs and a cut-up nine-patch block!


58. Modern Rail Fence Quilt

The colors in this free Beginner friendly quilt pattern are absolutely striking!  Plus, it is made with jelly rolls, so it is super easy!

free beginner quilt patterns - rail fence

59. How to Make a Pinwheel Quilt

I love this quilt made entirely of pinwheels. Pinwheels are made using half-square triangle blocks and would be a great quilt for new quilters.

a pinweel quilt is a perfect quilt pattern for beginners

60. Fresh Diamonds Quilt Tutorial

This is another one of the great free quilt patterns for beginners. Made completely of half square triangles and you can use the shortcut method to get this one pieced in no time.

half square triangle quilt

61. Sunny Tied Quilt

Easy Strip quilt pattern, made with varying height strips, so it comes together very quickly.

easy strip quilt pattern

62. Prism Quilt Pattern

his easy quilt idea is all half-square triangles and snowball quilt blocks. Very simple and great for using up all your small scraps.

this quilt pattern is all half square triangles and snowball blocks and is a perfect quit pattern for beginners

63. Retro Plaid Free Quilt Pattern

64. Quilt pattern for beginners: Sundance Quilt Pattern

65. Colorbrick Quilt

66. Patchwork Duvet Cover

This blogger made a duvet cover from the patchwork design, but you could just as easily quilt it to make it into a quilt.

67. A Wedding Quilt

free quilt patterm

68. Easy Strawberry Fields Bricks Quilt

69. Layer Cake Coin Quilt:

70. Quick Four-Patch Tutorial

This is not a quilt pattern but a tutorial for a great way to make easy four-patch blocks. You could make as many as you want and put them together with some sashing to make any size quilt you want.

71. Jelly Roll Strip Quilt Pattern

Another fast and easy quilt pattern using a jelly roll. This project is perfect for new quilters.

72. Simple Sixteen Free Quilt Pattern

73. Patchwork Gingham Quilt Pattern and Tutorial

One of the easiest free quilt patterns for beginners! In this very easy quilt pattern, Amy teaches you a great way to make a gingham quilt. The quilt is made by sewing long strips together and cutting the large block into smaller strips to make the gingham pattern.

74. Free Little Houses Baby Quilt Pattern

This quilt pattern is basically sewing together blocks and is a great one to add to this list of easy quilt patterns.

75. Rhapsody in Blue – Free Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

This stunning blue quilt is a free quilt pattern made of large nine-patch blocks and single fabric blocks, so it looks complicated, but it comes together very quickly.

76. Baby Boutique Quilt Pattern

This particular free quilt pattern is a bit more labor-intensive but still beginner-friendly.

free quilt patterns

Congratulations, you made it through this awesomely long list of free quilt patterns for beginners!!! 

If you still have a few more questions about getting started, I have answered a few that frequently come up!

Frequently asked beginner quilting questions:

What are the easiest quilt patterns for beginners?

Look for quilt patterns that use simple basic shapes such as large squares or rectangles. These types of quilts are fast to assemble and are very forgiving. My very first quilt was just a fat quarter set cut in half and sewn together. (See it here.)

How many Layers Does a Quilt Have?

Traditionally, a quilt has three layers, the top layer (which is usually “pieced” together in some sort of design or pattern,) the middle layer, which is some sort of batting or fleece, and the backing layer. (The backing can be pieced from scraps or a single cut of fabric.) You then either machine or hand quilt the 3 layers together and finish the edge with binding.

What supplies do I need for my first quilt?

A simple quilt can be made with basic supplies:
quilt batting
-ruler, scissors, rotary cutter and mat
-basic sewing supplies
As you get more into quilting, you’ll find tons of fun accessories and supplies to add to your quilting supply stash, fancy rulers, quarter-inch presser foot, seam allowance rulers, Wonder Clips, top-of-the-line irons, etc…

When shopping, how much fabric should I purchase?

Without having a pattern in mind, it is difficult to know how much fabric to buy. If you come across a fabric you love, I recommend purchasing 3 yards. This way no matter what you decide to do with the fabric, you will have enough to use a quilt back or border or make a dress. If you know you will just be using the fabric for quilt blocks, you will need much less. Perhaps just a few fat quarters or 1 yard.

Should I buy a quilt “kit”?

Quilt kits include all the fabric you need to make a finished quilt. Kits come in a range of difficulties from beginner to advanced. I actually love a quilt kit for the time saved in coordinating different fabrics for the perfect quilt. As a beginner, I spent more time trying to figure out the ratios of colors and fabric amounts needed. You will also find that you will spend less money on fabric as the kit provides the exact amount needed.

How Do I Find More free Quilt patterns?

The best way to find more free quilt patterns is a quick search on Pinterest or, my favorite, visit some of the big-name fabric manufacturers, like Moda, Riley Blake, Art Gallery Fabrics, or Robert Kauffman, and search through their free pattern archives. Whenever a new fabric line comes out, the designer usually includes a free quilt pattern. (Some of the patterns may be a bit more challenging than the list I made here, but you may find one you love!)

One of the Quilt pattern links no longer works; what should I do?

As you know, the internet and all of these websites are constantly changing, deleting, and rearranging. If you come across a broken link, leave me a comment, and I will try to hunt the pattern down or find something similar to replace it with.

If you don’t want to wait for me to get back to you, I will let you in on the internet’s best-kept secret. It’s called the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. This is the link: Internet Archive. Paste the broken link into the search bar, and if the archive has ever indexed the page, it will show you how the page looked, and you can capture the quilt pattern however you wish.

Now that we have reached the end…

These 75 free quilt patterns for beginners (or anyone looking for some simple ideas) are the perfect projects to start with. With classic patchwork quilts, modern takes on traditional techniques such as applique and block making, this collection has something for everyone. The included instructions make it easy to follow along and complete your project, no matter what level of expertise you have.

So dive into this resource today and get ready to start stitching together your next memorable work of art. Let me know your favorite quilt from the collection in the comments below!

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