DIY Duck Tape Pencil Toppers

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Make these adorable Pencil Toppers out of Duck Tape!  They are the perfect easy craft to get the kids pumped for back to school!  (Be sure to scroll to the bottom to enter the Duck Tape giveaway!)

Make these adorable Pencil Toppers out of Duck Tape! They are a perfect craft to get the kids pumped for back to school!


Can you believe we only have a week or two left before school begins again?  (I think some have even started already judging by the back to school photos I have been seeing on Facebook.)  It’s bringing me down to realize the kids go back in a few short days.  While I’m looking forward to having them back in school, I’m not happy about the 6 am wake up time!

We’ve gotten all the back to school shopping done and the kids and I are doing everything we can to celebrate these last days of summer.  Traveling, baking and of course, a bit of crafting!

Our favorite craft medium of late?  Duck Tape!


Duck Tape comes in so many awesome prints patterns and colors and my daughter loves crafting with Duck Tape because she can do just about anything with it.  I love it because it is a craft supply that she can have free reign with- no paint spills, glitter showers or marker mishaps to worry about.  You can find Duck tape almost everywhere, but you’ll find the best selections at Michael’s, Walmart, and Hobby Lobby.

Today, I’m sharing how we made these super cute Pencil Toppers.


Make these adorable Pencil Toppers out of Duck Tape! They are a perfect craft to get the kids pumped for back to school!

How to make Duck Tape Pencil Toppers

Materials needed:


(Prefer video instructions?  Skip to the bottom for a quick how-to video!)

1. Rip off 2 pieces of Duck Tape about 14 inches long.  Place the strips sticky sides together to make a double sided strip of Duck Tape.

2.  Cut the duck tape int fringe.  (You want the fringe to be about 1/8 to 1/4 inches wide and the cut should end about 1/4 inch from the edge of the tape.

3.  Cut two small pieces of Duck Tape (as pictured below) as the “fasteners”


4.  Use the small piece of tape to adhere the edge of the Duck Tape fringe to the top of the pencil.  (about an inch below the erase, so it can still be used.)


5.  Keep wrapping till the fringe is completely wrapped around the pencil.  (If you are using the glitter Duck Tape, you will need to add a drop of glue to help the tape stick permanently.)


So cute!!!

Make these adorable Pencil Toppers out of Duck Tape! They are a perfect craft to get the kids pumped for back to school!

Now get to writing!

Make these adorable Pencil Toppers out of Duck Tape! They are a perfect craft to get the kids pumped for back to school!

Duck Tape is a great way to personalize and style up your school supplies and accessories, plus is great for kids of all ages and often times, doesn’t require additional supplies to craft!  There are over 250 prints and colors to choose from, making each project unique in it’s own way.



Want to win a collection of 4 to 6 rolls of awesome printed Duck Tape for your next craft project?

To enter the giveaway, visit the Duck Tape Pinterest page here ==>> Duck Tape Pinterest page and leave a comment letting me know what project you would like to try!  (As long as you enter your email in the email spot when leaving the comment, I will be able to contact you.)  Winner will be drawn randomly on or around 8/22/16.    Giveaway over- winner has been emailed!

Good luck!

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  1. So cute!! Why in the world did it never occur to me to make these? I’m so glad I found you on the Show & Tell Link Party! Following you:-)

  2. Very clever!

    And always, glitter makes anything nice:)

  3. I LOVE the pencil toppers and the pencil cases… Great for my grandchildren

  4. I want to make bookmarks, my kids always tear up the paper ones.

  5. Sabine Farr says:

    I would make the flower pencil toppers and the pencil fringe.

  6. your pencil topppers. so cute!

  7. I would totally make the book tracking pennant banner. The washi tapes are so cute. The DuckTape Duckling Paint Splatter is my favorite.

  8. Bobbi DesRoches says:

    The craft caddy is my favorite!

  9. Brenda Jerles says:

    I would like to make the fringe pencil toppers and the pencil/craft holders.

  10. There are a ton of cute designs that I would have never thought to make using the duck tape. The pencil toppers look so cute along with the tablet cover

  11. Smfsprout says:

    I love the duck tape pencil pouches and zipper pouches.

  12. That’s a really cute idea. I didn’t know they made duck tape in glitter.

  13. I think I would make the art supply caddy.

  14. I really like the DIY Craft Caddy!

  15. These pencil toppers are adorable! I think I will have to try them!

  16. natasha lamoreux says:

    I really like the craft caddy made with duck tape.

    nlamore79 at gmail dot com

  17. omg that glitter tape is so fun!!! I need to find it and make these!

  18. These are absolutely adorable. I think I wanna make a boat load, it would so make my day just that more fun!!

  19. This is such a cute and easy project! I like the Duck Tape pencil pouch idea! maryharne@gmail[dot]com

  20. The Duck tape zipper pouch looks super cool and easy enough that even I could handle it 😉

  21. the caddy is super cute and would be really helpful in our household!

  22. Our kids pack their lunch, so the lunch bags or lunch boxes would be a great project. I also see that they have NFL and MLB themed tapes, which would be the perfect choice.

  23. Michelle Mariorenzi says:

    totes the duck tape homework caddy.