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Healthy Banana and Oatmeal Cookies (no butter, sugar, flour or dairy)

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These healthy, banana oatmeal cookies are dairy-free, and depending on your add-ins, gluten, and sugar-free too.  So yummy and healthy, you could serve them for breakfast!

healthy banana oat cookies

(Thanks to Silk for partnering with me on this post!)

healthy banana oatmeal cookies

I just can’t believe a cookie made with so few ingredients can taste so good!

It’s true – all you need to make these healthy banana oatmeal cookies are ripe bananas, quick-cooking oats, Almondmilk and your choice of optional add-ins.  

For today’s cookies, I went with craisins, white chocolate chips and a bit of coconut, though the last time I made these, I used chocolate chips and walnuts.

healthy oatmeal cookies no sugar

Now, keep in mind.  These cookies WILL NOT taste like a normal sugary oatmeal raisin cookie, so If that is what you are expecting, this recipe is not for you, lol.

Healthy Banana Oatmeal Cookies

For the liquid in this recipe, I used Silk Almondmilk.  I’ve personally made the switch to plant-based “milk” products, but anything you choose will work fine. (I love that the unsweetened light Silk Almondmilk has only 30 calories per serving and 50% more calcium than milk AND the Silk brand Almond Milk is non-GMO certified.)

Make these amazing and healthy Banana Oatmeal Cookies (no butter sugar flour or dairy- unless you add it in.)

I can’t begin to tell you how awesome these little banana oat cookies are- you just have to try them to believe it!

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Healthy Banana Oatmeal Cookies.

Tried these no sugar banana oatmeal cookies?

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Make these amazing and healthy Banana Oatmeal Cookies (no butter sugar flour or dairy- unless you add it in.)

Healthy Banana and Oatmeal Cookies (no butter, sugar, flour or dairy)

  • Author: Jamie Sanders
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 20
  • Total Time: 30 minutes


Healthy Banana and Oatmeal Cookies:   These healthy, banana oat cookies are dairy free, and depending on your add-ins, gluten and sugar free too.  So yummy and healthy, you could serve them for breakfast.


  • 4 ripe Bananas
  • 2 cups of quick oats
  • 1/4 cup of Almond Milk (or regular milk if that is all you have.)
  • Add-ins of your choice ( used 1/3 cup of white chocolate chips, Craisins and 1/4 cup of shredded coconut)



  1. Mash the 4 bananas and mix in the quick oats and almond milk. Stir everything together and add in your optional mix-ins.
  2. Spoon Cookie dough onto a very well greased cookie sheet. (I just used my pampered chef scoop and flattened the tops of the cookies out just a bit since they will not spread and I wanted them to cook evenly.)
  3. Cook at 350 for 15 to 20 minutes or until the cookies look done.

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  1. Love these!! These are a lifesaver most days. I make them with added craisens, Apple pieces, shredded coconut and honey. They freeze so well that I can make a batch and have them throughout the month. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These were awesome ?

  3. These sound so tasty! About how many cookies do these make?

    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      depending on the size, 14 to 18 ish

  4. Oh yeah, I also used parchment paper and it worked out fine. Once they cooled, they came right off.

  5. These are perfect. I used rolled oats instead of quick oats. I used unsweetened silk vanilla almond milk. So easy

  6. Thanks for sharing! Do they keep long?

    1. Yes, a few days in an airtight container.

  7. This looks so good! It would be fun to make with kids too!

  8. So I’ve followed your recipe and mine have come out with a rubbery like texture?!? I’m not the best at baking I’ll admit, but do you have any tips to help the texture issue?

  9. Since bananas come in a huge variety of sizes, I was wondering how many cups of mashed bananas you use.

  10. Was wondering what you could to substitute the almond milk with???
    Allergy purposes?

    1. regular milk or even water would be fine, I’m sure.

  11. I love this recipe but can I use apples in place of bananas

    1. I wouldn’t think so, the mashed up bananas help hold everything together.

  12. The first recipe i try, that tastes like drops of heaven with no added sugars

  13. Love love love these cookies. I used parchment paper but you need to let them cool for bit first then they will come up pretty easy. No mess and did not have to grease my baking sheet.

  14. I cut this recipe in half, then split it again for two different flavors. To one set I added a bit of cocoa powder & peanuts & to the other I added shredded coconut & cranberries. My toddler loved the chocolate peanut ones & I preferred the coconut cranberry. This is a great afternoon snack that’s healthy & tasty! Definitely not overly sweet, but just the right amount to hit the spot. Great simple recipe!

  15. Quick question – how long do you reckon will they last after baking? I am considering them as a healthy option to bring to school for my daughters birthday but would love to get one task done a few days before the actual day 😉

    1. In general, I think these banana and oatmeal cookies will last for a few days. However, they are the best texture on day 1. If I were taking these to school, I would make them the day of.

  16. Followed your recipe exactly, they were so good! Next time I think I will have the recipe so I won’t eat so many, lol

  17. I know it states these should be baked on a well greased baking sheet. Could these cookies possibly be baked on parchment lined baking sheets instead of greasing them? I have a sister in law who is a complete health nut. These would be perfect for her. I’m also thinking they would do very well for my dad who is diabetic. He LOVES nuts so if I chock them full of nuts and raisins or current he would be happy, even throwing in some coconut. Basically there isn’t anything he doesn’t like in these cookies. I was so happy to hear how healthy coconut is for us. FINALLY something that is delicious and is very healthy. I saw a list one day of the things now being made with coconut besides the oil and flour and it must be 20 things such as the coconut sugar and I don’t know what all. I have to eat gluten free so with no flour these are perfect for me. I hope these turn out well, they’ll be a real workhorse if they do.

    1. You could try parchment. A silpat mat would work even better I bet. These cookies are really tasty and I think you will enjoy them as long as you are going in with the expectation that they won’t taste as sweet as an oatmeal raisin cookie, lol.

  18. Christine says:

    Hi. These sound awesome! Any idea what the calories might be per serving?

    1. I use my fitness pal to get calorie counts. Good luck

  19. Put a little extra oatmeal, some cinnamon and 2 scoops of vanilla whey protein powder. Turned out excellent! Thanks for the recipe

  20. I’ve been looking for healthy snack options for my little ones and this recipe looks great! I was wondering if you think these would freeze ok? Thanks!

    1. I haven’t tried it, but I’m sure they would.