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Latest Brother/Sister Outfit or (Why I started sewing again…)

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I love dressing my 4-year-old daughter and almost 6-year-old son in matching brother/sister outfits.  (I realize it’s not really the “cool” thing anymore- I guess I am showing my age here…)  There are only a few places that have a good selection of matching brother/sister outfits and unfortunately, these places cost way too much to buy from on a regular basis.

My little guy has a polo-style shirt in just about every color, so it’s easy enough to match his shirt with what his sister has on, but occasionally I want something special.  In the past, I had bought a couple of handmade, coordinating outfits off of Etsy and CWkids.  The outfits were cute but very simple.  There was no reason I couldn’t make these outfits myself, after all I already had a sewing machine.  It had just been packed up in a closet for several years.

So, I busted out my sewing machine about 15 months ago and have been busy ever since.  I’ve focused more on pieces for my daughter because little girl stuff is so quick, easy and cute.  I refer to sewing for little girls as “instant gratification.”

I’m hoping my next few projects will be some boy/girl sets since I have quite a bit of coordinating fabric in my stash.

I finished these outfits up yesterday, just in time for a birthday party they were both invited to.  (If you want to make a set like this and don’t already have a pattern to use, I have a free peasant dress pattern here and a boys pant tutorial here.)

They really looked adorable in the outfits  We had time for a mini photo session in our front yard before the party and I took them to a bluebonnet field for a few more pictures in this morning.  (You’ll have to forgive the number of photos- sometimes it’s just so hard to choose favorites…)







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