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No Sew Table Runner

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We have company coming for the Memorial Holiday Weekend.  My kitchen table still had some Easter decor on it, so I figured I should probably change it out to something more appropriate for Summer and the upcoming holidays.

I still had several bandannas leftover from the Bandanna Tablecloth I made last Spring, so I grabbed a couple of bandannas and got to work!

The table cloth was really easy to make.  

Materials needed:

  • 3 Bandannas (Don’t limit yourself to bandannas, you could use any fabric.  All one piece of fabric or cut the fabric in to large patchwork pieces like I did…)
  • hem tape (for the no-sew version)
  • scissors
  • iron


1. First, decide the width and length you want for your table runner.  I like to keep my table runners narrow because my kids are so messy.


2. I cut the bandannas in to 4 equal pieces and laid them out into a pleasing pattern.  As you are arranging your pattern make sure to keep the hemmed edge of the bandannas to the outside of the table runner. (If you are using fabric don’t worry about the edges, I will address that later.)

3. Next, I grabbed the two bandanna squares from the first row and put them right sides together.  I cut a piece of hem tape to the appropriate length and placed it at the edge of the two bandannas, where I needed the seam. Then I ironed the seam according to the directions for my brand of hem tape.

4. Once the tape cooled a bit, I flipped open the seam and pressed it flat.

I kept repeating this process until all my rows of two were “hemmed” together.

5. Next, I started connecting my rows of two together the same way.  I laid out the bandanna pieces right sides together, lining up the center seams, and ironed them together.

After the seams had cooled, I flipped the table runner over and gave the seams another good press.

Keep in mind bandannas are irregular and your outside edges may not be straight.  Mine were not, but that was the look I was going for.  If you are using regular fabric or just want to straighten your edges, you can fold the edges of your table runner over 1/2 inch (towards the wrong side) and iron. Then just use the hem tape to hem the edges.

That’s it!  Took all of about 20 minutes to create this cute No Sew Table runner.

I did lay a pieces of batting under my table runner to help protect my table from the wire basket and hopefully I will be able to replace my origami flowers with some real ones this weekend!  🙂

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