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Happy Holidays! (and that time I gave away a serger – 2020 style)

Happy Holidays Everyone! It’s that time of the year again! 

2020 was a crazy year and as a thank you for hanging out and sticking with me during this time, I’ve got a very special giveaway for you today… 

Brother serger

One lucky winner will receive a new Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

(In case you already have a serger, I’ll give the winner the option of the serger or an Amazon gift card that is equal to the value of the serger.) brother serger

I’ve got a couple of serger-only projects planned for the next week or so, so stay tuned and fingers crossed I actually get to them before the giveaway is over this time!

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:  You must be 18 and it appears that this serger can be shipped to over 100 countries, so check this list, if your country is listed, you are eligible to enter (or receive the gift card.)


Enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter Entry below:

If you are getting an error on your mobile device, you may have to try another or use a pc.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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  1. Marcella Lutz says:

    Hi there, how kind to give away a serger. I love how generous you and others are with sharing yoyr expertise and sdvice on sewing projects snd of course yoyr free patterns. I have never owned a serger but would love to. Merry Christmas!

  2. Janet Gallimore says:

    I am teaching my oldest grand-daughter to sew. It will be the younger ones turn soon – I just made her a cooking apron to your pattern. A serger would be amazing for us. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  3. Sheila Kline says:

    I have always wanted a serger, Just cant afford one.

  4. I never used a server (yet!). I am teaching myself how to sew and have made clothing for my granddaughter. Some patterns refer to a serger, but when I looked it up, it seems very complicated! My sister claims it’s very easy to use, so I’m taking her word for it. Winning one would let me try it much less costly than buying one, lol! Merry Christmas and let’s all hope 2021 is way better, too!

  5. Mary Ann Martin says:

    Such a generous giveaway! I appreciated the simple entries- they were all doable. ? I do not have a serger, so this would be a welcome treat!
    Merry Christmas! ?

  6. Jody Lamison says:

    A terrific giveaway Thank You for the chance

  7. Leslie Mulkey says:

    What a nice thing to do! I would love to win a new serger. Mine is 25 years old.

  8. What a wonderful giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  9. I’ve always wanted to learn to use a serger. I was finally gifted one from a family member and it didn’t work. So I’d live to win this!

  10. I have never owned a serger, what a huge blessing it would be to receive a free one!!

  11. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway. That’s very nice of you to do, especially during the holidays.

  12. Debbie Holmes says:

    My current serger is 30 years old so I would love to upgrade!

  13. I’m ready for an upgrade! I’ve read some great reviews on this machine.

  14. Gwen Kirkland says:

    Would love to win this machine.

  15. Carol Sheehan says:

    I would be so blessed to win the serger. My house flooded in Louisiana in 2016 most of my stuff was ruined. This would help me putting my sewing room back. I’m retired and my budget doesn’t have extra money to replace any of the extra luxury things I lost. Thank you for the chance to enter this contest. God bless you all!

  16. I just told my husband that this is what I want for Christmas. I hear sergers are the best for sewing knits.

  17. Rosemary Rivas says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a serger. I would love to have one to speed up my sewing clothes fro my granddaughter, who’s rapildy growing out of her clothes, Grew 2 inches in 2 months! Happy Holidays everyone and Good Luck.

  18. Just moved across the country and am very much missing my serger , could use a new one ?

  19. Sissie Simpson says:

    I would love to win a serger! That would be awesome! Thanks.

  20. Cathy Cunningham says:

    I would love to have a serger. I’ve been teaching my 11 and 12 year old granddaughters how to sew and we made the scrunchies you let me download! I love your newsletter!

  21. Cynthia Morianti says:

    How nice of you to have this special giveaway, thank you

  22. There are so many uses for the serger. I would love to win this. Thank you for this opportunity. I love the patterns you share. With 2 grand daughters there is lots of sewing happening and even more now that they have caught “the bug”

  23. Marty Walsh says:

    Thank you for the chance to win a serger. There are many projects I don’t attempt bc I need a serger!
    Merry Christmas!

  24. Courtney V says:

    I would love to win a serger! It would make my life so much easier!

  25. I am so excited about this giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  26. Such a cool giveaway! Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  27. Phillis Green says:

    OMG!! Would I ever LOVE to win a serger. I’ve been sewing newborn jersey/rayon knotted gowns on my granddaughter’s Hello Kitty Janome sewing machine. A serger would be “sew” much better!! Thank you for offering this. I’m hoping to open an Etsy shop soon, but want them to look more professional.

  28. I would love to win a serger this year! I have been sewing for charity for years, and a serger has been on my wishlist forever. Thank you for the chance!

  29. My Husband and I are missionaries to Accra Ghana-West Africa. We have a ministry training center and an orphanage which I sew school uniforms for our children and area children so thy can attend school. This would be such a blessing! Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone! Merry Christmas Y’all, from deep in the Heart of Texas!

  30. Wow, incredible generous give away! Those machine are treasures!

  31. What a generous give away! would be great to own a serger

  32. Terrific giveaway. Sergers are amazing tools.

  33. Sandy Petrarca says:

    This would be beyond my wildest dream. Thankyou for offering this wonderful opportunity to someone.

  34. I would be over the moon to have this machine! What a blessing you are!

  35. Kathryn Davidson says:

    My serger is 30 years old. I would live to have a new one. A serger is a great machine to have to accompany a sewing machine. Now that I am retired I do a lot of sewing again.

  36. Carolyn Robinson says:

    I have a workhorse, aged serger that is on its last leg, a bernette 234. I cannot live without a serger as I have a 4 year old granddaughter who thinks her gg can create every princess dress. And, of course, I do!

  37. Gracias por este sorteo. Quisiera tener una máquina así!!!

  38. Erin Lee Steinberg says:

    Thanks for having a giveaway. I have one of these and love it but have a friend that’s not on fb that could really use it. Thanks.

  39. R Toussaint says:

    I belong to a church sewing group….this would come in handy for all our projects. We make clothes for needy children.

    Thank you for giving me a chance……Merry Christmas

  40. Tammy Potts says:

    I do not own a serger, I have checked them out, I have watched lots of videos and would love to have one. I really think I would use it a lot.
    Thank you for this wonderful offer.

  41. James Seals Jr says:

    A serger would be a great addition to my sewing collection.

  42. Rosemary Bolton says:

    Oh, PS: I did not enter the other things bc I am olden fashioned (noooo not that old) and do not have
    those other media things. Best of luck to all.

  43. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway. That’s very nice of you to do especially during the holidays.

  44. I’d love to learn on a serger for the baby blankets I make. I think they would go much faster and I wouldn’t have to sew them 2-3 times to close them up! Thanks!

  45. Rosemary Bolton says:

    I would love to win a serger. just wow. How wonderful
    I have never had a machine like this.
    I have 4 grand girls and they need dresses
    Thank you for this incredible giveaway

  46. Maureen hanke says:

    Please enter me in the serger giveaway

    1. Joyce Reudink says:

      Wat zou ik die graag winnen. Vooral omdat ik een Brother borduur-naaimachine heb en dit merk me goed bevalt.