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Tackle the Christmas Chaos With This FREE Christmas Planner

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Every year I try to figure out how to get organized for Christmas!  Christmas truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year, but it’s also pretty darn chaotic, too. This holiday season, use this FREE Christmas Planner to help yourself, and all your little elves stay on track.

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Download this FREE Christmas Planner and get organized for the holidays!

Can we be a bit real with one another? Holiday planning can definitely be a bit overwhelming!

If you sit down and think about everything that you have to do and plan for, you may not even wanna get back up. I know, I’ve been there. lol.

Every year when the holiday season starts, I try to cram as much stuff into my brain as possible to make it the “best and most organized” Christmas ever. And then…guess what happens?

My brain decides that it wants to take a holiday as well and I literally forget most things that I was trying to accomplish. This happens to me every single year. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

how to get organized for the holidays

This year, I’ve taken the reindeer by the reins (ha, see what I did there?!) and made myself, and all of you an amazing Christmas Planner. I’m so excited about this.

It’s really like an early Christmas present to myself, seriously.

Tackle the Christmas Chaos With This FREE Christmas Planner

Organization isn’t something that is easy for everyone. Some people just “get” it, while others spin around in circles trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. I tend to fall in the middle somewhere but know that there are ways that I can improve.

This Christmas Planner has it all.

  • Recipe cards
  • Menu Plans
  • To-do list
  • Shopping list
  • Notes

Anything and everything that you need or want to plan…you can.

Plus, all you have to do is print it off, fill it out, and keep it somewhere safe. That’s literally it. Heck, you can print off two for a duplicate just in case you want to have it in multiple locations or in your car.

It’s 10 festive pages to keep your Christmas chaos-free.

Who says there aren’t Christmas miracles anymore?

This Christmas Planner can turn your Christmas from “fly by the seat of your pants” to organized and epic. The sooner that you print, the sooner that your holiday planning can truly begin.

More Tips for getting organized this holiday season:

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan! – Start making lists.  (That’s what this planner is for!)
  2. Take stock of your gift wrapping and pantry/baking supplies and add those to your list.
  3. Get your holiday gift shopping done early.  (The internet and UPS should be your best friend right now.)
  4. Keep gift-giving lists manageable.  For extended family, consider doing a gift exchange where you draw names, and set dollar limits. (We do this for everyone on my husbands’ side of the family.)
  5. Hosting family? Set aside some extra $$ to hire out a professional cleaning team.  (Just make sure to book ahead as they get very busy right before the holidays.
  6. Choose your commitments wisely.  It’s so easy to overbook ourselves, I mean the parties and get-togethers are the best part of the holidays, right? But you cannot possibly do them all.  Maybe consider skipping the “coffee with the principal” monthly get-together this month or cookie exchange #3.
  7. Do all traditions need to be kept?  Consider losing one or two that take up too much time.  I know mom’s recipe for homemade orange cinnamon rolls from scratch on Christmas morning has been a tradition for over 50 years, but if the bakery down the street’s recipe is just as good…
  8. And finally… Most Importantly, remember the holiday season is about togetherness and being thankful for what we have.  So everything I have mentioned above? Take it all with a grain of salt and give your loved ones a hug.


Grab the Free Christmas Planner here

(you’ll have to add the planner to your cart and check out)

One thing to note, the file is too large for my system to mail out. (I tried compressing it, but I’m not technical enough to figure it out.) So you won’t get an email, you just have to download it directly from the thank you page. 


And now that you are all organized and saving time, I’ve got a few amazing few Christmas Recipes you might like to make in your free time:


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  1. Thanks, Jamie! I am the same way – and here it is a week out and I just want to sit down in front of the TV and binge watch the holiday movies 🙂 Thanks for all you share with us! God Bless you and your family during this magical season!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    This is just what I need. I bought things and can’t remember who I bought them for and still have a bunch to buy and don’t get me started on the food. But secretly I love this time of year. You giving people like you are the reason.
    Thanks again!