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2 Ingredient Blender Strawberry Ice Cream

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This Easy 2 Ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream is ready in just one minute!  It’s the perfect afterschool snack recipe to help cure those homework blues.

So yummy and easy! One Minute Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

2 Ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

If you have little ones in school, I’m sure you’ve experienced homework battles and meltdowns at one time or another.

This is something that we struggle with frequently and I’ve got a few tips to share that will hopefully alleviate some of the struggle and make homework time as pleasant as possible.  Plus, I’ve got a yummy One Minute Strawberry Ice Cream recipe that’s just perfect for motivating someone to finish up the day’s work or to just celebrate the completion another week of homework done!  Thank you to Horizon Organic for partnering with me to bring you this Ice Cream Recipe and Homework tips-all opinions are mine!

One Minute Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

I’m just gonna say it: I do not like homework.

Now, I know homework is an important tool in the learning process as it helps reinforce what our kids are learning in school and (hopefully) helps them develop good study and organizational habits.  But why does homework time have to be such a struggle?

5 Tips to Help with Homework Struggle

1. Location, location, Location!

Create a spot that is a homework-friendly area.  It should be well lit and comfortable.  Keep the appropriate supplies handy; lined paper and colored pens will make spelling so much more fun and sharpened pencils with good erasers go a long way in making math problems easier.  Most importantly, if you have siblings- separate them if possible.  (It’s incredible how someone can get so upset just by how the other sibling looks at you!)

2.  Have a routine!

Consistency is important when establishing the homework ritual.  My kids ride the bus, so we like to have a few minutes of chatting, relaxing (playing with the cat) and having a snack before we get started.

3.  Prioritize and set goals to get homework done.

I know every school and teacher is different, but for us- teachers send the week’s worth of math, reading and spelling homework home at the beginning of the week- usually due on Friday.  (Actually it’s so much work, it seems like 2 weeks worth, ha ha.)  We set a plan (factoring in any weekly activities or special occasions) and figure out what needs to be accomplished on what day for everything to be done Thursday night.  This is also helpful to avoid procrastination on larger projects like book reports and science projects.

4.  Use a timer and give rewards.

My son is especially good at making a fifteen-minute assignment drag on for over an hour.  I found Ann Dolin’s “Five Minutes of Fury” worked especially well for my procrastinating, foot-dragging son.  Basically, she recommends setting a timer for five minutes and have your child work as fast as he/she can until the timer goes off.  Once the day’s work is done, reward your child with something they love.  (Extra screen time, 10 minutes of reading before bed- whatever works for your family.)

5.  Take breaks and have a snack!

Depending on your child’s age they’ll need a short break every 15 to 20 minutes.  Do something quick and easy (but not so distracting that they will not want to return to work.) Break time is the perfect time to provide a wholesome snack to keep their blood sugar steady, brainpower at full speed and meltdowns at bay.

Our favorite snack of late?  This delicious One Minute Strawberry Ice Cream made even better with the addition of yummy Horizon Organic Snack Grahams!

One Minute Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

What makes this recipe so great is that it’s made with only 2 ingredients – frozen strawberries and your choice of milk.  (If your strawberries aren’t that sweet, you might need to add just a smidge of sugar.)

All you have to do is blend and you’ll have the yummiest soft serve strawberry ice cream that everyone will love. And if you save it for AFTER homework, it’s the best motivator ever!

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One Minute Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe:

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One Minute Strawberry Ice Cream recipe

One Minute Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

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  • Author: Jamie Sanders
  • Prep Time: 1
  • Cook Time: 1
  • Total Time: 1
  • Yield: serves 2


  • 1 cup milk of choice (I’ve used almond, half n half low fat and coconut milk- just use your fave and keep in mind higher fat content will make for a creamier consistency and fat is not bad.  I used full-fat coconut milk (I had a can opened that needed to be used) in today’s recipe.
  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • optional: 2+ teaspoons sweetener of choice (I’ve found some brands of strawberries need more sweetener, so just give it a taste.)
  • optional: graham crackers for garnish


  1. Add ingredients to your blender according to the recommended order.  (I used my nutri-ninja for this, so it loads backwards.)
  2. Blend until ice cream consistency is achieved.  You may need to stop your blender to scrape sides.  Add more liquid or frozen strawberries as needed.
  3. Top with optional graham crackers and serve!

It’s your turn!  Leave us a comment below sharing your favorite after-school snack to serve… 

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  1. Made this and it turned out great 👍

  2. Lauren Harmon says:

    This looks absolutely scrumptious, especially with the Horizon Snack Grahams included! I think I'll have to try making a batch for a quick snack sometime soon… Maybe I'll even try it with bananas one time as well, because why not? 🙂

  3. Katie Moseman says:

    That ice cream looks quite tasty! I love that it's ready in one minute. Homework can certainly be a bear; these are good tips for making it easier!

  4. I feel your struggle when it comes to homework! My son just switched to a Charter school and Wow they get a lot of homework compared to the Public school he was in. My kids love turkey/cheese rollups! Its quick and easy! I try to stay away from the sugary stuff.

  5. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Homework is so hard here! I would love to try this!

  6. Teresa C. says:

    This looks delicious and so fun to make!

  7. Frugal Qponer says:

    My girls would love making this!!

  8. Melanie @ bear rabbit bear says:

    I am lucky that my daughter doesn't have a lot of homework….yet!

  9. Danita Carr says:

    One minute ice cream? What's NOT to love about that!?

  10. I hate homework too but we always took a break after school before we started too. They just weren't ready for it right after school. Bet they would do their homework for this ice cream though!

  11. Angela LeMoine says:

    What a delicious snack idea for the kiddos! My boys will love it! And great tips! My oldest is in 1st so this is really the first year of nightly hw.