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Gift Ideas for People Who Like to Sew

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Are you looking for a perfect sewing gift for your friend or family member who loves sewing? Or maybe you’re just looking for goodies to add to your own stash of supplies?

Worry no more! This list will give you several tried and true sewing gift ideas any sewist will love.

sewing gifts

Sewing Gifts

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing a sewing project with your own two hands! Sewing is a hobby that requires patience, attention to detail, and a bit of creativity! As someone who loves to sew, I know firsthand how much pleasure it brings to complete a project.

I also love just about any gadget, whether it be a kitchen gadget or a new tool for my sewing room.

That’s why sewing supplies and tools can be such a thoughtful gift – not only does it show that you appreciate someone’s passion for sewing, but it also helps them improve their skills and take on even more challenging projects.

Seeing the smile on their face when they receive a gift like this is truly priceless, and it’s the kind of gesture that can make someone feel truly loved and appreciated.

So, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, mother’s day, or any other gift-giving occasion, let’s check out these gift ideas for people who love to sew.

Best Gifts for Sewers

Since this is a gift list for people already interested in sewing, I assume they already have a sewing machine. (So I won’t include sewing machine suggestions.) But, of course, an upgrade is always a great gift, lol.

Every item on this list is a sewing tool I have used and loved.

1. Fabric 

Fabric is probably the number one gift for someone who loves to sew. A fabric bundle in various colors and designs can spark imagination and creativity!

fabric makes a great gift for sewers

I am especially fond of 1-yard bundles (this amount of fabric is perfect for little girl dresses) and fat quarter bundles (perfect for small projects and quilters.) The Fat Quarter Shop has been my go-to place for quilting cotton lately, and Etsy and California Fabrics have been my go-to for knits.

Now, if you want to give the gift of fabric that keeps on giving, I highly recommend one of the monthly fat quarter subscription bundles. I did several from the Fat Quarter shop and a few other places, and my favorite so far has been the Sew Colorful subscription. With this one, you receive a bundle of 15 color-coordinated fat quarters each month.

My husband gifted the Sew Colorful one to me a few years ago, and I kept it going for an entire year til I had every color line. It’s a fantastic way to build your stash. Here is an Instagram reel of my unpacking one of the shipments.

2. Rotary Cutter and mat

A rotary cutter is a must-have tool for sewers. It helps to cut fabrics with precision and accuracy. Sewing enthusiasts will surely appreciate this tool as it can make sewing much easier and more comfortable. The Fiskers or Olfa rotary cutters are good, but I love the Martelli rotary cutter for its ergonomic design. (It also comes in a left-handed version.

rotary cutters make great gifts for sewers

I always recommend getting the largest cutting mat you have room for. This link goes to a Fiskers set that has multiple size options. I used the 24 by 36 one for years, though I am currently using the 36 by 59 cutting mat that went with the cutting table I linked to below. (It also fits my new horn table.)

3. Scissors

A pair of quality scissors, only for fabric cutting, is essential. I personally have a few of the Kai scissors. I discovered them at a quilt show, but you can also get them on Amazon. They are a bit pricey (All good scissors are). Many people also swear by the Guggenheim scissors and the Gingher Dressmaker’s Fabric Scissors (Available on Amazon.)

4. Thread Sets

Thread sets are essential items for anyone who enjoys sewing. A set of colorful threads will be useful for a wide range of projects. Choose an array of vibrant colors to spark creativity and imagination. You can find high-quality thread sets at your local sewing shop, or Amazon has many options to choose from.

thread sets are a great gift for sewers

5. Cutting table

There are tons of different tables out there, and this is something you can even DIY. (I used an Ikea tabletop on shelves for many years.) But you just can’t beat a real, sturdy cutting table. And if the table is adjustable, that is a bonus!

My favorite, which I always recommend, is this one from Amazon. It is collapsible, so it takes up less room; it’s height adjustable for all us shorties out there. It even has a coordinating cutting mat that fits the tabletop. It is fairly sturdy for the price, and I used this one for about five years before upgrading to a fancy Horn table. (I made my hubby drive me to the Houston quilt show just for this table, lol. It is a workhorse- but I must warn you, it is super heavy.)

cutting tables make a great sewing gift

6. Small sewing gadgets

You could get lost in the world of sewing gadgets. I have narrowed it down to a few of the favorites I have in my supply stash. Any of these would make Christmas gift ideas or stocking stuffers.

  • Pin Cushions – A pin cushion is a small, essential tool to organize your needles and pins. Fabric pincushions are adorable and fun to sew, but I especially like magnetic pin holders. (I just came across this pincushion on Amazon and ordered one for myself. I am constantly mixing up my sewing machine needles!)
sewing gift ideas
  • Selection of sewing machine needles – You can never have too many needles! You need specialty needles for knits, quilting, embroidery, sergers, and various sizes for different fabric weights.
  • Small thread-snipping scissors – I have several pairs. They are so handy; I keep a pair at each sewing machine. (Don’t forget seam rippers too!)
thread snipping scissors make a great gift for sewers
  • Pinking shears – Great for beginning sewists to finish edges and seams. You want to get a good quality set as the nature of the cut needs a heavy-duty sharp blade. I have had mine forever and still use them on occasion.
  • Specialty rulers – Rulers are essential for cutting fabric! Over the years, I have collected many different types and sizes of rulers. I pretty much use them all, depending on what project I am working on. Here are just a few of my favorites from my collection:
rulers make a great sewing gift
gifts for people who sew
  • Square template rulers – If you love patchwork, these square template rulers are a lifesaver for speed-cutting!
  • Strip ruler – This QuiltCut Strip Savvy XL Slotted Quilting Ruler allows you to cut strips of fabric straight off the bolt. The slots are 1/2 inch apart so that you can get almost any width of strip.
  • Guidelines4quilting Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit – I don’t have this one, but I saw it being demonstrated at the International Quilt Show last year and wanted one. At the time, I did not have a 24-inch ruler, so I passed, but I have one now and have added this set to my wish list.
  • Sticky silicone strips for your rulers – You can apply many different things to the back of your rulers to keep them from slipping. I’ve tried what seems like all of them, and this Invisigrip from Omnigrid is my favorite. You can cut it to any size, and it sticks to the back of your rulers. It is clear, so you can see right through it, and it is removable!
  • Seam roller – The best little tool when doing small patchwork! It flattens the seams very well and prevents multiple trips to the ironing board.
  • Wonder clips – These are so handy and infinitely better than pins for quilting-type projects.
  • Thread holders – A must-have for an organized craft room!
  • Bobbin organizer (and extra bobbins) – I can’t find the one I have, but this case looks promising. Whatever you purchase, make sure the bobbins are correct for their machine, and the case fits the bobbins.
  • Seam allowance ruler – The little seam guide attachment did not work for my machine, but the ruler is fantastic! I use it before every project to ensure my seam allowances are perfect.
  • Spinning cutting mat – There are less expensive rotating cutting mats, but this is the one I have. The quality is fantastic, and you can also iron on it. (with the included specialty ironing pad.)
gifts for sewers
  • Spinning Organizer – I use an old spinning organizer from Pampered Chef to organize my tools on my cutting table. However, this one from Walmart looks very handy as well.
  • Portable quilt wall – If your giftee is into quilting, a quilt wall is such a handy accessory. There are lots of tutorials to DIY one, but I really enjoy the portable aspect of the one I have hanging on my wall. (I can take it down and fold it away when not in use.) The one I use is no longer available, but this one looks similar.
portable quilt wall is an excelent sewing gift
My portable quilt wall with the Halloween quilt I did not finish before Halloween. I refuse to start another quilt until this one is finished.

7. A good iron

As someone who sews and quilts, I can attest to the importance of a good iron in the sewing process. A quilter needs a good iron for a variety of reasons, from ensuring that seams are pressed properly to achieving a polished finished product. I have two favorites: the Oliso TG1600 with auto lift (fantastic for quilting) and the Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless, which I love for garment sewing. Neither of these are inexpensive irons.

I also recommend a mini iron for traveling or keeping beside your sewing machine.

8. Travel Sewing Bag

If your sewist ever plans to go on a retreat, take a class, or go to a local meet-up, they will want a sewing machine tote bag. A tote bag will keep everything organized and it is much easier to tote around than carrying your machine in one hand and all your supplies tossed into an everyday tote bag. (Take it from me; I know this to be true.)

Amazon has several to choose from, and I like the look of this one; it has a 4.7 rating with over 1100 reviews. I saw this brand demonstrated at a quilt show, and it looked heavy-duty and amazing! (Hint hint, hubby.)

My only tip is to look for a rolling tote with several compartments to keep everything organized and easy to find.

9. Sewing Magazine Subscription:

A subscription to a sewing magazine is a perfect gift for a sewing enthusiast. A monthly or quarterly magazine provides inspiration for new projects, sewing tips, and tutorials.

10. Sewing Lessons:

Sewing lessons are ideal for beginners who want to learn the basics of sewing or for advanced sewers who want to learn new techniques. Look for classes or workshops from local sewing stores or community centers with experienced sewing instructors who can provide individualized feedback and guidance.

I have taken a few classes at a local sewing shop. (In north Austin – Sew Much More and my local Joann’s.)

11. Extension Table for your Machine

If you are lucky enough, your sewing machine might have come with an extension table. (I’ve had two different machines that have come with one.) An extension table helps so much when quilting or working on larger projects.

If your machine does not have one, you can get a gorgeous, strong, acrylic extension table from Sew Steady.

A Sew Steady Extension table is a perfect sewing gift idea! It is a bit on the pricey side, but I love mine, and it was worth every penny! The extension table turns my small sewing area into a large workspace. Each table is custom-made to fit your machine. (I have the Sew steady large table – it fits perfectly on my Ikea Micke Table.)

12. Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a gift card if you need last-minute gifts. Any recipient would love a little extra to spend at their favorite shop. Joann’s and Hobby Lobby are great physical stores for sewing essentials and fabric, and the Fat Quarter Shop and Etsy are great for online ordering. And don’t forget about your local, family-owned shops as well.

I hope this list of sewing gift ideas gives you a few ideas for the seamstress or seamster in your life. From sewing tools to totes to cutting tables, there is a gift for everyone on this list.

Let me know what you think!

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