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Readers Favorite Best Free Sewing Patterns and Craft Posts of 2017

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I love looking back on all the sewing and craft projects I’ve completed throughout the year.  Here are the top 12 reader’s favorite, best free sewing patterns and craft related posts of 2017!

Best Free Sewing Patterns of 2017

My goal last year for non-food related posts was to create one new sewing pattern or tutorial (or update an older pattern with new sizes) per month.  I didn’t think I could handle doing more than that without burning out (or ignoring my family, lol) as some of these patterns are sooo labor intensive- like 40 hours labor intensive, and the computer work is really boring!  I ended up adding more than 20, so I consider that a definite success.

This year, my goal is to do more ladies sewing patterns/tutorials.  Keeping in mind; these will be mostly knit-wear and possibly woven-rayons as I generally don’t wear anything made from quilting cotton and I refuse to sew something that won’t get worn.

I’ll definitely be adding a larger size to my peasant dress pattern for girls (my missy has outgrown it again) and hopefully, for my knot dress pattern too, it’s only in sizes 2 to 6 and was always a personal favorite.

Another goal is to sew more for pleasure without worrying so much about “making instructions for the blog.”  I gifted myself an embroidery machine for Christmas and hope to share some of that work too.

Upon looking back, one surprise was that my food-related posts are 3 times more popular on my site than the sewing/craft related stuff!  (Ok, in actuality that really shouldn’t be a shocker as more people are interested in eating than sewing, lol.)  But it really is surprising to see the numbers in writing when you take into consideration the fact that a recipe post might take 3 to 4 hours to create and a sewing tutorial/pattern takes 10 times as long. But, I guess I’ll take it where I can get it since Visitors = Ad Revenue, which truthfully (even though I love to sew) is what keeps this website going!

Now that I’ve rambled on long enough, here are the top twelve reader’s favorite (according to pageviews) best free sewing patterns and craft related posts from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom of 2017!

(** Don’t forget to enter the serger giveaway here. You can tweet for an additional entry every day and I am going to share a yoga pant tutorial on Thursday or Friday and will include a few extra entry opportunities with that post.)

1. 45 Free Easy Quilt Patterns – Perfect for Beginners

2. DIY Reusable Cleaning Cloths (+ Free Crochet Pattern) 

(this one was surprising, I guess new crocheters were drawn to the ease of making washcloths!)


3. How to Sew a Kimono Top


4.  Free Bell Sleeve T-Shirt Dress Pattern, size 3 to 12


5.  Easy Breezy Summer Lounge Dress Pattern and Tutorial


6.  Perfect T-Shirt Dress Pattern and Tutorial (free pdf sewing pattern sz 3 to 12)


7.  Easy Summer Peplum Tee (free t-shirt pattern 3 to 12)


8.  How to Make a Stretchy Headband (+ video tutorial)


9.  Easy Circle Top Pattern for girls, sz 3 to 12


10.  Basic Raglan Shirt Pattern sz 2 to 14


11.  Off the Shoulder Flutter Sleeve Sewing Pattern (for ladies, sz s- xl) 


12.  Free Beanie Hat Pattern (4 sizes)

13.  Girl’s Bell Sleeve Swing Tee Sewing Pattern (free sewing pattern sz 3 to 12)  

(lucky #13 – I was sad this one did not make the cut, especially with the popularity of the bell sleeve this year.  So I included it too.)

And of course, the top projects from years past continue to be popular.  See them here: 2016  2015,  2014,  2013,  2012,  2011.



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  1. I have to say I’m grateful you updated the sizes on lots of your patterns. I have a cutie that needs the larger sizes. I love your patterns, especially basics, and the updated size range helps me out a ton! So thanks so much for all your hard work!